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City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin

Hi everyone!

It is 15th February and I’m back with the second guestpost for the year by Anagha Yatin. Anagha is warm, supportive and one of the most motivational person/blogger I’ve met online. Because of her indomitable spirit, sharp wit and thoughtful words she has garnered a lot of fans in the blogosphere in a considerably shorter duration. Her sci-fi posts are fast becoming her trademark. In this post she has indulged her foodie side and taken us on a short trip across the lanes of Mumbai for some mouth-watering Mumbaiyaa street-fare.

City Always Eats

Some call it a city of dreams. Many caption it as the city that never sleeps. The world praises its brave spirit and its citizen’s fondly call it “Amachi (our) Mumbai”. One thing that impresses about the city is the fact that the it is big hearted. It is that tree which has a branch to perch for every other bird, of any father!

But is this all about the city, you may ask. I would fail its gargantuan appetite for gastronomical delights, if I say ‘yes’! I wouldn’t be wrong in calling it as “the city that always eats”! A walk around the lanes and by lanes of its suburbs, by day or by night, will endorse this claim.

A busy day dawns. Many are seen walking or jogging on the road. The work force is already walking fast to catch the train or the bus. Its difficult not to spot the a healthy “Juice wala” around the corner. His hands are busy filling the glasses with exotic juices like bottle gourd juice, amla juice, carrot and beetroot juice, bitter gourd juice, lemon mint juice and what not.

Sizzling hot and smoky egg omelette is getting dished, just a little ahead. You can savour scrambled egg and bread or boiled egg and start the day on a healthy note. Simply pack it up or wrap it and enjoy the bite on the go!

As the day progresses, the vada sambar, idli sambar stalls start filling the air with the southern flavours. Whether its rainy season or otherwise, its difficult to resist the sight of the peeping hot “Pakoras” and “Samosas”. The green chillies and the tamarind chutney as their accompaniment make you surrender to its pull.

The “Vada pav” stall is omnipresent all through out the city. Surprisingly the city eats “Vada pav” at any time of the day. If you find a bunch of people around a stall at time of the day, take my words, it will be “Vada pav” stall!
Then there are some stars that rise and shine brightly once the day comes to an end and twinkle till wee hours of morning! The bright pole star belongs to the “Chat” category. All mouth watering varieties ranging from simple “Pani puri” , “Bhel” to some fashionable newbies like “Thundi bhel” are available for discerning foodies!

Southern star, the “Dosa wala” is not far behind. “Zini dosa”, “Spring roll dosa”, “Manchurian dosa”, “Pizza dosa” and many such fancy items will make you want to devour them, at least once! I always marvel how well the Southern star has happily married the cuisines around the world, every time I try a new combination! Watching “anna” make the “dosas” is another delight.

Another brilliant, luminous star is the “Sandwich” corner. These sandwiches stay put gingerly between healthy and junk! One can indulge in verities like “Cheese Chilli toast”, “Veg Cheese toast”, “Chocolate toast” and “Salad sandwich”. Whether it’s the aroma wafting in the air or the sight of the roasting sandwich on the burning charcoal that captivates; is difficult to discern.

“Pav bhaji” with “Tava Pulao” is another attraction. “Kuchi Dabeli” also stands out like a pretty damsel! “Pizza” joint is the newest addition to the long list! And to end it on a sweet note, you can relish “Kulfi”.

Whether the week day or the week end, day or night, you will find people thronging these places. Waiting for a bite is not a bother here. And mind well, it was only about the street food. I leave the story of the fine dine for some other day.
Isn’t it true then that the “City always eats”!

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I’m sure you’re as tempted as me to relish these gastronomical delights, aren’t you? Which one of these is your favourite? Which dish is your biggest craving and/or sin? Do share with me.

35 thoughts on “City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin

  1. Mumbai and its chaos will never leave you if you live here. It will stay with you throughtout your life. City is addictive not in a bad sense though with all its problems. Truly said every nook and corner you will find some delicacy. These days not to forget midnight foodie trucks or biryani stalls. There is place for everyone here.

    1. This chaos is what people identify with Mumbai and although I live in the relatively quiet Navi Mumbai, I don’t mind it. The street food and nightlife is truly fun!

  2. I love the flavor of Mumbai that Anagha highlighted!
    Yes, Anagha is a dear fellow blogger and getting to be very popular, just like our Mumbai, Vada Pao!:)
    My mouth watered as I read through this post, Anagha!
    Thank you for sharing, Varsha.

    1. I was so tempted after seeing these pics that I’m after Anagha to take me on a foodie treat on some weekend in her area. Join in, will be fun!
      Anagha is positive, motivating and has that spicy Wada pao wala sense of humour. 😀

  3. Oh my goodness… Varsh… I am blushing! What an introduction you had given me! Love you buddy!! You have been a wonderful host and it was an honour and pleasure to write for your blog! Wishing you a great success with the “Guest Post Series” and everything you undertake dear.

    1. You deserve every bit of the adulation, dear. It was great having you on my blog and I hope we can do this again sometime. Thanks for sharing this great post and these beautiful pictures with us.

  4. Anagha! What a yummy post! It’s 8:15 in the morning, I haven’t had my breakfast yet and my stomach is rumbling…and what do I read here? FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! Every dish you mentioned is a favourite and I can’t even have it right now! 😛

    1. I saw these pics right after my dinner and got hungry all over again! 😀 😀
      I love Mumbai street food. Especially the smell that beckons you from far away!

  5. I am thoroughly charmed and tempted by the gastronomic delights of the mumbai road side; I have indulged my palate in several of the ones Anagha has listed out so yummiliciously here! The dabeli is a new one and I am yet to make its acquaintance- maybe on my next mumbai trip for sure!!
    Droolworthy post Anagha!!

    1. Food becomes better when it goes with the progression, right? The fragrance, colours and taste collectively make it irresistible!
      Thanks for reading, Mayura. 🙂

  6. This is such a wonderful post on how a city always eats. I totally agree. I have been in Mumbai for around 4 years and always saw the city eating something or the other. My personal favorite has been Vada Pav and Cheese toast.

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