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Authentic organic products sourced from farmers and curated by Beewel

Organic is a buzzword that’s generously pasted on everything nowadays. From self-care products to food items and floor cleaners to fabrics, organic items are resolutely stocked on supermarket aisles and sold online. We, as health-conscious consumers are inclined to make the better choice and invest our money and trust in them too. However, how many of these organic products are truly authentic? Do we take a moment to investigate if they fulfill their claims or where they’re sourced from? Can we believe in our hearts that we aren’t falling for chemical-laced products in the guise of genuine quality? It is normal to be faced with questions like these, but thankfully not every brand takes us for granted.

Beewel was founded by Mr. M. Sriram, a cancer survivor who wanted to make authentic healthy essentials from across India accessible and available to its consumers. This brand takes pride in its USPs such as authenticity and the fact that they reveal the source of its products, which is a one-of-a-kind commitment to quality. He has travelled across India and associated with award-winning farmers and beekeepers and a few women’s associations to curate these organic products. These sources and their contributions are impressive indeed.

Padmashri Mrs. Trinity Saioo from Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, also known as Lakadong Turmeric Queen of India ~ Lakadong turmeric, Nadia ginger powder, Bayleaf powder, etc.

Mr. Tom from Kumily western ghats, Kerala, National award and 14 state awards winner for the best beekeeping practices ~ Rare honey variants like Multiflora honey and Stingless bee honey.

Mr. Anantha Krishnan from the western ghats, is a young and passionate farmer who provides them spices like cloves, 8 mm green cardamom, nutmeg, dhaniya seeds, etc.

Mrs. Shipa from Mecara gold estate, Coorg is behind the special blend coffee variants like Turkish coffee, Moroccan coffee, South Indian filter coffee, etc, and roasted whole coffee beans.

Handmade pickles, gulkand, and honey-based sauces are sourced from a few women’s associations like Bonphool women’s society based out of Gonda forest, UP, and Kotgarh, which makes marmalades, chutneys, and preserves.

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When Mr. Sriram got in touch with me to discuss the possibility of us working together I was excited since I’m a staunch advocate of a healthy lifestyle. His dedication to his work is infectious and I was looking forward to sampling the organic products he spoke so passionately about. Let me give you a peek and a quick review so you can get your hands on them too.

Lakadong Turmeric powder

Sourced from Meghalaya, this Lakadong turmeric powder contains 8-12 % curcumin which gives it its beautiful natural yellow colour. The turmeric is organically grown, sun-dried, and powdered. It contains no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or preservatives. It has a strong smell that’s almost impossible to find in the adulterated spice powders we get nowadays. Since turmeric is largely used in our kitchens, it’s a great way to boost natural immunity and improved brain health. It also has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which add loads of goodness to our food, milk, pickles, and preserves.

Multiflora Honey

Honey has popularly replaced sugar of late. Whether it is used as a sweetener in smoothies by fitness enthusiasts, added to warm water in the mornings by weight watchers, or mixed into cake batter for flavour and taste by bakers, honey has umpteen benefits. Multiflora honey takes it a notch higher since it is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds. It helps fight infections, strengthens the immune system, and can be mixed with Ayurvedic medicines or kadhas to relieve colds and coughs. I’ve blended it in shakes, and fresh fruit juices and topped my kids’ pancakes with it. It worked like a charm.

Green Cardamom

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From a pinch in our morning tea to sweets, biryani, and mukhwaas, cardamoms are frequently used in my home. However, the small and tasteless cardamoms found in the market are often an unwelcome compromise. Thanks to these awesome 8mm green cardamoms by Beewel, I now know where to get my genuine organic products from. Organically grown, handpicked, and curated, these cardamoms are free from colours, chemicals, and preservatives. Their sheer size and natural green colour will make you fall in love with them. A heady aroma fills the room even as you open the lid of the bottle. They’re also a remedy for bad breath and relieve respiratory ailments.

Turkish Delight Coffee

Lots of conversations happen over coffee and the perfect blend makes them all the more special and memorable. Turkish Delight coffee is made with dark roasted arabica beans and blended with exotic cardamom. It is grown at an altitude of 3052 ft and has a beautiful cocoa, oaky, and spicy sweet taste profile. It has a strong beckoning aroma that’s sure to put coffee lovers in a tizzy. Fire up your coffee machine, put on some music, and pick your favourite mug, because this calls for a special occasion and nothing less. The bottle mentions other recommended brewing methods to make the most of its taste. A must-try!

Honey Chatpati Sauce

If you’re a mom like me and emotionally bullied into buying high-sugar and high-calorie chocolate and cheese spreads by your kids and want to pick organic products, then this sauce is just for you. Handmade and homemade, it is prepared in a traditional way that keeps its nutritional values intact and is also extremely delicious. You can use it as a spread on paratha rolls, serve as a chutney with dosas or chillas, or replace it with sauces or mayonnaise in sandwiches. Its sweet and spicy taste and aroma are both good.

It is noteworthy that Beewel has joined hands with the Meghalaya government for Meghalaya Collectives which is a body of the Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare. This body supports local farmers and beekeepers in creating a market for their produce. Beewel has signed an MoU with them which is indeed a step forward in recognition of their efforts.

Beewel is a rare brand that connects consumers directly with farmers. It makes high-quality organic products available to us while giving them livelihood opportunities. It’s a win-win for both and a great choice for better health, an improved lifestyle, and responsible living. You can check out their website. Their products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Jiomart.

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27 thoughts on “Authentic organic products sourced from farmers and curated by Beewel

  1. A simple reason why our ancestors were healthy even till old age was because of natural food and nowadays with the organic products in market we definitely are seeing better health in future.

  2. I really like the coffee, will surely check that out. I find the honey chapati saice also yummy. I think this initiative for good health is a real winner. All the big companies are able to distribute to a wider area and don’t have good quality.

  3. I will definitely look up Beewel Varsha… thank you for the recommendation. I generally buy everything non organic except for some fruits and veggies as I don’t know how ‘organic’ the organic ones are😛. Like you rightly mentioned, most companies only claim to be.

    After reading your post, I am confident about Beewel.

  4. I started exploring organic products after my mother got cancer. It is very difficult to understand which brand is authenticate and which is not. I will explore Beewel products and Turkish Coffee is something I would love to try out first.

  5. Very true Varsh, it is very confusing to know is it real oragnic. Nowdays oragnic is wriiten ON everything and when we check the description then dilemia starts. Glad to know so much details on this topic.

  6. Natural food products are bliss and a blessing for our health. But still somehow many of us are far away from accepting the fact that they are good and get inclined to overrated inorganic products. Thanks for introducing this brand to me and also the contributors behind to make this brand a success.

  7. Organic has become a favorite and trending hashtag thee days. But what you said is right that how sure ar we about its purity. But when someone is doing their work with passion, it is surely going to win the pro pie’s heart. I want to they the honey chatapati sauce. I heard another mom’s feelings Varsha. 🙂

  8. Choosing the right food is very crucial to our health. I usually try to buy from local farmers market rather than from shops. But some things cant be avoided. It is so nice that one company now sources from many growers across India for easy access. I am intrigued by the Honey Chapati Sauce 🙂

  9. Beewel’s partnership with the Meghalaya government for Meghalaya Collectives is a step forward in recognizing their efforts. It is commendable that Beewel supports local farmers and beekeepers by creating a market for their produce. Such collaborations can benefit everyone involved in the agricultural supply chain, from the farmers to the consumers.

    Furthermore, Beewel’s business model of connecting consumers directly with farmers is a great initiative that not only ensures high-quality organic products but also provides livelihood opportunities to local farmers. It’s a responsible and sustainable approach that can help improve the lives of farmers and their families while promoting healthier lifestyles for consumers.

    I will surely encourage everyone to check out Beewel’s website and support their products.

  10. I am going to order beewel products as I like only organic products. You mentioned Gonda..My husband was from there and my MIL used to get pure honey collected from the fields. She used to get tomato preserves and murabbas too.

  11. You are absolutely right. We never know if the food item is actually organic or not. It is usually difficult to get good quality cardamoms these days. I am surely going to try out Beewel.

  12. I am a big fan of organic and local produce so this post was just up my alley. I love trying new and fresh foods and ingredients so bookmarking this

  13. With all my allergies, I always try sourcing organic produce and ingredients. These days the term organic is usually misused. Thank you for introducing me to Beewel. I had a lookover and would be shopping with them next time.

  14. The growing incidence of cancers, hormonal imbalances etc. definitely point to a faulty and chemical-ridden diet.I am so happy that Beewel an initiative by a cancer survivor is trying to make genuine organic products accessible to all.

  15. Yes organic is buzz word and we all want to include more and more organic products in our routine lifestyle to stay healthy. Beewel sounds like a great brand and all the products are looking so amazing. would love to give them a try. thanks Varsha for introducing us to a great organic brand.

  16. I used to think organic food costs too much for the same food you get to eat. Oh boy am I wrong when I learned more about how important it is to know where you get your food from is. Being healthy and staying healthy goes beyond preparing your food in your kitchen and into your table. It takes more time and effort from the farmers as well to fulfil the crops you need for your healthy diet.

  17. A basic reason why our ancestors were healthy even till old age was because of natural organic food but in our days all are packaged and with preservatives. Beewel sounds like a great brand and all the products are looking so amazing and fresh. would love to give them a try. Thank you.

  18. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful brand Varsha. It is very important that the food we consume are sourced from the right place, especially if it says organic and 100% natural. Thanks to you, I have come across Beewel now. I shall ask my parents and in-laws to check these products. Also, will this brand ship internationally, if I bulk order?

  19. This is an array of authentic organic products. There is so much buzz about organing products, but it is not always easy to get authentic stuff. beewel seems to curate some of the most authentic products.

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