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5 reasons to prove the importance of being stronger inside out for a healthy living

Try asking someone about their exercise routine and most people would answer that they religiously maintain an n thousand steps per day count. While walking is a wonderful way to keep fit, is it enough to build good stamina? Balance, strength, and ideal weight are the three pillars on which a healthy body stands. (1) For healthy living, we must follow a workout regime that focuses on all of them equally.

As a fitness blogger, I’m appalled at the misinformation about building muscle strength and endurance. Muscle strength is about how much weight you can lift and endurance is about how many times easily. Lifting weights does not make one look bulky or manly, neither does it need elaborate equipment or expensive gym memberships. However, it does make you stronger inside out for a healthy living.

5 reasons to prove the importance of being stronger inside out for a healthy living_avibrantpalette

Helps in maintaining healthy body weight

Strength training helps reduce body fat and expedites the process of burning calories. It also increases the muscle mass of your body. Medicine balls, resistance bands, etc are good ways to shake your idle muscles out of their reverie. While a professional trainer can help, it isn’t imperative. Right from lifting heavy grocery bags to lugging our kids around, women have been doing it for ages! 

Reduces risk of injury

Improved muscle strength prepares your body to endure physical stress. Active muscles help in keeping your movements swift and smooth while ensuring better coordination. However, one must be cautious about jumping the gun and learning the right postures. I started with one kg weight and can now go up to five. Practice and patience!

You too can take the muscle test here.

Low risk of catching infections

Needless to say, healthy living makes you stronger from within which helps in building better immunity. Preventing infections is anytime better than fighting them, right? The right combination of proper nutrition and fitness is the best lifestyle to follow. Add a scientifically formulated nutrition like Ensure. With its 32 vital nutrients, it #EnsureStrongerInsideOut.

Take out half an hour every day for your own well-being and engage in some physical activity. You deserve it.

Healthier and stronger muscles and bones

Muscle contraction during strength training makes them cling closer to the bones due to the production of structural proteins in the bones. It aids in making them stronger. I’ve used household items like water bottles, storage containers, books, etc instead of weight machines and dumbbells at times. Also, I chuck the elevator and take the stairs many times.

Gives confidence and boosts your mental health

Lifting weights is a great way to beat depression and anxiety. (2)Every little achievement works as a great morale booster and fills you with immense pride and confidence. It also gives you the motivation to move out of your comfort zone and try new exercise programs. This feeling of accomplishment has been one of my biggest personal doses of encouragement.

Healthy living incorporates many different factors and muscle building is one of them. Our muscles can age faster than we do; hence working on making them stronger and building our natural immunity is our prime responsibility.

Did you take the muscle age test? What were your results like? Share with me in the comments!




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17 thoughts on “5 reasons to prove the importance of being stronger inside out for a healthy living

  1. I took the muscle test and am super happy with the results. I started strength training when I was 35. I think it was the right age, now I am almost 42 but my muscle age is 20. Luckily did the right thing at the right time. My periods are very regualr, I am not even seeing are peri-menopausal symptoms. And of course, I feel so confident. My body posture has improved, I never slump into the chair or sofa. Basically I do not need to make an effort to sit erect. These are some major benefits of strength trianing for me. And because my workouts are heavy, I take Ensure regularly to supplement my bosy’s nutritional needs.

  2. I have been following a proper exercising routine for many years. And have seen its positive benefits. It does make you feel good and strong inside out. Today exercising is mainly focused on weight loss but there is a lot more thats there.

  3. I agree with all pointers Varsha. strength training is must specially with aging. as we age, the muscle mass reduces and it is important to pay extra attention to maintain muscle strength. I am yet to take the muscle age test. hearing a lot about it all across the web.

  4. The muscle test looks simpler and easy to know the actual insights of it. When we are stronger outside it is reflected inside too and vice a versa. Good to know the pointers in detail.

  5. After reading your post, I am raring to take the muscle age test. I’m 42 years young and realize that at my age, I cannot ignore the importance of muscle building. I will work, as suggested, on making my muscles stronger and building natural immunity in the process.

  6. I have started taking care of myself in a serious way just a couple of years back. And I believe its better late than never. We have to focus on increasing our muscle strength at the right time.

  7. This is the one that I am lacking in my fitness regime, I really need to do the core and muscle strength exercises. I agree that it is important to be strong from the inside to fight many things. Thanks for reminding that I really need to start now.

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