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Book Review: Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta

Hi, my dear readers! After a whirlwind Thailand vacation, a trip to my native, generous helpings of mangoes, and playing referee in endless sibling fights, I’m ready to officially announce the end of summer vacations. Moreover, June’s already here and to beat the heat the rain gods have blessed us with a tiny glimpse of their arrival today. Things have been going smoothly on the work front as well. Thanks to my rekindled love with my Kindle, I’ve been reading up a storm rediscovering Agatha Christie’s earlier works and exploring new-age writers like Holly Jackson and Colleen Hoover. Since thrillers are my favourite genre, I’m excited to share my review of Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta, another new author I got acquainted with.

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About the book

Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta tells us the story of Tiara Swan. She’s an orphan who is bright, and intelligent and has worked extremely hard to get ahead in life. Her time in the orphanage is a far cry from the glum one associates with it. She’s close to her mentor Aunt Shefali and has a best friend in another orphan, Sophie. Accepted on scholarship in the Vale College for Arts for a degree in psychology, she has lots to look forward to when things take an unexpected turn. That’s where the premise of this thriller is set and takes shape. Although Tiara is the victim, she pleads not guilty for the crime committed by her lover Jake.

Little does Tiara know that her chance encounter with the sweet, mild-mannered, and affable Jake would lead her into the world of drug dealers and Narcotic cops. While she plays her part for society’s better good, she’s torn between her feelings for him and public responsibility. The lines between right and wrong get increasingly blurred as the story develops. Derek, a Narcotics officer, stands by her side throughout as she plays her part in the meticulously planned operation. Will Tiara take the high road or fall prey to her emotions? Would she be able to live with her choice? That’s for you to find out.

My thoughts

If you’re a fan of romance and thrillers, then Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta is a heady combination of both. The book sets an intriguing narrative from the first page and makes you curious about Tiara’s life and journey. She is self-admittedly more sensitive than practical and has set notions about human behaviour. This makes her a real and honest character that one tends to empathise with easily. Our choices make us and Tiara’s are influenced earlier by feelings of love and later by betrayal. Her relationships with Aunt Shefali, Sophie, Zoi, Jake, and even Derek have been explored beautifully.

Tiara’s personal growth as she embarks alone in the real world is worth noting. Whether it is about finding a job to support herself, deciding on her stand vis-a-vis Jake and his drug dealing, or surrendering to her heart’s call, she shines with her individuality and grit. Her whole life goes topsy-turvy but she holds her own. That said, she’s all mush too, and stands by her unconditional love for Jake.

This is Urmi’s debut novel and her narration is smooth and engaging. She has fleshed out every character with great depth helping you understand them better. She takes the readers through a whirlwind of emotions with every twist in the story and keeps them hooked. While Tiara is treading through dangerous waters on one side, she’s protected by Derek and her love for Jake on the other. The balanced writing makes this an interesting read wondering how this will pan out in the end. Not giving out any spoilers, but it does and you’ll turn the last page with a smile.

Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta is a romantic thriller that stays with you for its story, characters, and exploration of human relationships. It’s long but a breeze to read. Would recommend it.

My rating: **** 4/5 stars

About the author

Urmi Mehta born in Ahmedabad, brought up in Kolkata, settled in Mumbai has been an avid fiction reader. She loves reading stories and creating them too. One emotion of unconditional love and she has managed to wrap an entire novel around it. Being a counselor, hypnotherapist and an energy healer allows her a perspective so different yet so deep, it changes the entire narration of an incident. It is always the little things that matter the most- is her firm belief.

Book Details

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Available in: Paperback

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40 thoughts on “Book Review: Fatal Love – A Love Undone by Urmi Sanghavi Mehta

  1. I guess one has to read it now. Your review makes it sound like a must have on your bookshelf and a cosy read for lighter times. Besides, I would love to know which side she finally moves to.

  2. I am not so familiar with the works of this author, however this book seems to strike a chord. A blend of romance and action is always a deadly combo. The plot seems interesting and riveting.

  3. Oh I read this book too and feel it’s a novel that lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned. Urmi Sanghavi Mehta has crafted a captivating debut that announces her as a talent to watch in the world of fiction.

  4. Story that makes character decide between right and wrong takes readers also in their inclusion as a reader we always take sides to be. Looks interesting book and your review is quite gripping.

  5. Fatal Love- The title itself is so interesting that it instigated me to read the review carefully to know what exactly it offers. Emotions, sentiments, action, romance, Narcotics , drugs and so much more. Its like chota packet bara dhamaka. Will surely read it

  6. What a compelling review! Urmi Sanghavi Mehta’s debut novel “Fatal Love – A Love Undone” seems to masterfully blend romance and thriller elements, making it a riveting read. The character development of Tiara Swan, amidst her journey through love, betrayal, and intense moral dilemmas, sounds intriguing and well-executed. I appreciate how the review highlights the depth of Tiara’s relationships and the engaging narrative style. Definitely adding this to my reading list!

  7. Your review is intriguing, Varsha. I wish it was only a romance and not a thriller. I avoid reading or watching anything other than romcoms, as life itself is a rollercoaster. Tiara sounds besotted in love and goes to any lengths for it.

  8. Romance and thriller is quite a combination. Going by your review, it looks like a book worth reading. Thanks for sharing a balanced review.

  9. Thrillers and romances are my two guilty pleasures when it comes to books. This one sounds the perfect combo. With a thumbs up from you, adding it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing about it.

    1. I love the blend of romance and mystery. Though there are so many things involved in this book, I am intrigued to read this book. Thanks for sharing, I am adding it to my tbe list.

  10. I was so interested and excitedly opened up the Amazon tab even before completely reading your review, because romance + thriller made me go, “Gimme! Gimme now!” But then you mentioned it’s only in paperback 🥲
    Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading your review and have added the book to my wishlist.Hopefully, the eBook version will be out soon.

  11. I am a sucker for romance n I like thrillers too but not gory ones. This book looks really readable but I am facing a reader’s block right now Varsha… for the longest time… n I don’t know when it will get lifted…😭😭😭

  12. I’ve not read too many thrillers in the recent past, so this one looks good to pick up. Thanks for the review. Why 4; what are the drawbacks in the book. Just curious.

  13. Wow, your review is intriguing. Love and thriller make a deadly combination. I enjoy romance and thrillers, and combining them sounds even more interesting. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Thanks for the recommendation!

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