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Style Tips To Make Your Kurti Look Boho Chic!

Just as fashion can never be monotonous, it can’t stay formal forever. You get to see a different style of the same design and pattern in both chic and sophisticated ways. Like, take the long Kurtis, for example! We know you love wearing these Kurtis on almost every occasion you go to; however, is it the same manner? We doubt it! You try to present yourself in the same Kurtis uniquely in each function. But we doubt you would have ever heard or read about the tips we have listed below to look chic in your Kurtis by following a Boho style. 

style tips for kurtis_avibrantpalette

  • A dazzling jacket over the kurti – We know that shrugs and jackets add a fashion statement even to your basic attires. And if you are looking to display a Boho style, then go for the vibrantly bright-colored jackets. (Some jackets and shrugs have the combination of the brightest colours, which can uniquely uplift your simplest attires.) For example, you can try wearing a bright red and yellow printed jacket over your neutral coloured kurti to uplift it instantly. If you want to add sparkle to this style, why not pick the jackets with some mirror or zardozi work over them? We are sure your Kurtis will look much more different with these!
  • A unique scarf with kurti – Your long Kurtis will look more impressive if you make them stand out by adding a Boho scarf. Yes, you get scarves with trendy and cool prints like quotes, alphabets, and even Indian idols over them. And if the color is different from your kurti, then the effect is outstanding. You can wear such a style on any festive occasion or even to the office and on daily outings. 
  • Long Kurtis with shorts – A typical Boho style perfectly combines Indian and western fashion. You can wear a pure cotton long kurti or even one in rayon fabric, then wear your favorite denim shorts. If you love to play with colors, you can even go for colorful shorts with an entirely different shade of the kurti. You need to wear your bright-colored sneakers or sports shoes with this pair to make it look unique and typically boho in appearance. 
  • Long Kurtis with oversized jewelry – Do you love flaunting different and unique jewelry pieces in your attire? Then you don’t need to do much to make your Kurtis stand out with the Boho touch! You can wear a large-sized necklace or long earrings in a different color or simply in oxidized form. You can even wear thick bangles or bracelets that give your kurti a crazy touch that you will love so much when you wear them. 

Apart from these tips, try pairing your long kurtis with dhoti pants, jeweled belts, and long skirts to give them a boho look for different occasions. 

*This is a collaboration post. Readers are requested to exercise their own judgement and understanding in following the information given. 

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  1. I am loving the new trends in pairing Kurtis with scarfs, and jewelry. It gives a new look to regular Kurtis. Personally I like Kurt nd scarf.

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