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O is for Omelette #BlogchatterA2Z

Marriage is all about love, companionship and mutual respect. Getting bound into holy matrimony with someone in presence of our loved ones changes something in us in fascinating ways. We try to accept their idiosyncrasies as normal, albeit with tremendous effort at times. Our lives tend to go through a lot of tweaking and often, it begins with our food choices. I know this because I famously went from I-won’t-touch-an-egg to learning to make the perfect omelette for my husband, willingly. 🙂

Omelette is a beautiful dish made in a greased pan with beaten eggs and flavoured with salt and pepper. It is extremely popular worldwide and has many alluring variations in terms of procedure and filling. Its French version retains the original egg taste with mild spices while Spanish omelette has potatoes and is quite heavy. Our Indian masala omelette is colourful and scrumptious with onions, coriander, green chillies etc. mixed with beaten egg before pouring it in the pan.

A typical Marwari family, eggs were a big NO in our home. Dad and my brother hankered for one-odd omelette once in a while and ambled to one of those nearby classic street food joints for it. Do you know they make the best omelette there can ever be? Watching them add one ingredient after another is a pleasure! Anyway, I digress. I begged out of it after my first visit there because my delicate olfactory senses got offended with its smell. I never got around to tasting it at all. Sad, I know. 🙁

Two decades later, here I was, standing in my new marital kitchen trying to figure out how to break an egg. I had expected Youtube videos to be my saviour but they knew nothing of my childhood issues. I dejectedly watched chefs break it with one hand while tiny shell pieces floated in the egg white and yolk in my bowl. That was not all, after sailing through this stage when I did pour the beaten egg in the hot pan I couldn’t flip it. To cut a long story short, what should’ve been an omelette became scrambled egg instead. A sportingly ate it though. *sob and head-palm*

After few dismal attempts I did manage to bell the cat, and how. My neighbour’s teenage son, a foodie himself, sweetly showed me how to make fluffy omelette. I brought new ingredients on every trip to the supermarket and added them with flourish to my newly-adept hands. Cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, cheese, olives, etc snugly sat in the warm omelette folds and made my heart melt. Nothing feels more triumphant than a dish that turns out well, trust me. Shocking that I still don’t eat it? 😛

Vegetarians can be at a slight disadvantage when it comes to protein-intake through food. My kids’ paediatrician advised me to include eggs in their diet for their proper growth and luckily I started them off early. I might have my reservations but I try to ensure that my family eats right. Non-veg food still doesn’t find place on our plates. We (alright, my family) are happy eggetarians. 🙂

Omelettes also have vegetarian versions, did you know? They’re essentially besan chillas with a fancy name, also ironically called eggless omelette. 🙂 The way I see it, someone’s creative mind has made it possible for me and A to have a bread and omelette date. Cute, isn’t it? 😉

This is my I-can-cook-but-I-won’t-eat omelette story. 😀 Tell me yours. Would love to know!

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge for April 2019

13 thoughts on “O is for Omelette #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Omlette is my all time favourite. I can eat it anytime. Every time u make an omelette….u can try different things….I can make it 365 ways 😀😀. Varsha…u miss such a lovely food…go..try it!!

  2. Hahaha loved your omelette stories! 😀 😀
    I have had similar experiences to yours: flipping fiasco, problems with smell, eggs breaking all over the place 😛 But omelettes are incredibly versatile; I love how you can make them with as many or as few ingredients as you please.

  3. As i have earlier too, I enjoyed reading this Foodtastic Fable too. I love how I am getting to know so much about you through your food tales, Varsha. You are a true foodie I would say, as your love for food and the memories that go with it make such endearing stories.

  4. If there’s anything I love about eggs, it’s the variety of omlettes that one can make with them. From the plain ones to Masala, Spanish omlettes, I’ve tried it all. And this also happens to be a favorite of the father – son duo.

  5. Very true, the smell of Omelette sometimes can be such a turn off. (Says who, someone who is madly, deeply in love with eggs)
    I love Indianised version of spanish Omelette, and yes we needs eggs every single day in breakfast.

  6. Seems like my own story Varsha. Being somewhat from a Jain family only had never used Eggs till got married. Though have finally learnt but till date I make omelette with closed nostrils 😀
    And I had initially thought of posting veg omelette or Eggless Omelette but didn’t.

  7. Hi Varsh,

    Omlette is my staple morning breakfast 365 days a year. One might think that don’t I get bored having it everyday. Well, I simply love them. It gives you a filling effect to work through the day and it is very nutritious.

  8. We used to have eggs as children, yes vegetarians do lack in their protein content. I stopped eating them completely few years back and turned a pure vegetarian. My fav was boiled eggs with salt n pepper 😊

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