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Why your shoes can impress and express!

First impressions are often associated with a person’s physical attributes, body language or attire. However, it would be surprising to know how shoes can impress and grab a stranger’s attention. Although meant for functionality, you cannot discount the distinct ‘complete’ look one can attain with the right shoe style and fit. 

How much thought do you invest in selecting the perfect pair for yourself? Are you laid-back and take inputs from the salesperson or tirelessly hunt one to suit your preferences? Do you know that this seemingly simple selection process reveals your character traits?

Why your shoes can impress and express!_avibrantpalette

Your choice reflects your personality

Everything from the colour, brand and make of your footwear to its condition and upkeep give away your personality. Wearing shocking colours like blue or fluorescent shades on formal wear are a sign of healthy self-confidence. Extroverts don’t care much about appearances and can be seen sporting worn-out ones without much care. Contrarily, splurging on expensive brands and then spending consistently on their upkeep reflects anxiety and a needy state of mind. 

Do you prefer heels or flats?

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’ by Marilyn Monroe has to be one of the best quotes ever. It signifies power, control and taken rather seriously by women who strut along stylishly in their heels. Flats are a comfortable and practical choice for your feet, but heels accentuate your sexuality and give your gait an irresistible swagger. What you choose to don, and where, will convince you that shoes can impress and how. Interestingly, did you know that historically heels were invented for men even though they simply screamed privilege and served no purpose? Pity that heels have become more gender-specific now.

The perfect pairing is real, and so is fusion!

Whether you’re into fashion or not, pairing your footwear with your attire gives you a stylish edge. You cannot wear sneakers to a boardroom or compromise your own safety in a football match by turning up in pumps. There are obviously no set standards for this, but one would agree that foolishly odd pairings are an eyesore. Fusion looks are all the rage now, but getting adventurous for merely standing out can fall flat. Shoes can impress when there’s some melodic theme in place, and you’re carrying it with aplomb. Are you game for it?

Take inspiration from traditional styles

Every area and region showcases styles that have cultural and geographical significance. Once meant for general use, these styles have now become a statement. Gladiator sandals, Kolhapuri chappals or ankle and knee-length boots find a place of pride in footwear collections. Strap on a pair and let it do the talking for you. Making a lasting impression was never easier!

It goes without saying that shoes do more than just protect our feet. People often size others up by the way they present themselves from head to toe. Stepping out in the right pair will not only make an excellent first impression but also make you perceive yourself in a positive way. What better way to venture out in style and confidence, right? 

23 thoughts on “Why your shoes can impress and express!

  1. My father used to say that the quality and cleanliness of the shoes speak volumes about someone’s character. Since then I look at the shoes first. It might sound weird but after reading your post I feel that I am not a weirdo.

  2. I can’t agree more. Shoes are the most important in the whole turnout. Investing in a nice pair of shoes is never a waste. After lockdown I haven’t been using my shoes much but your post forced me to revisit my shoe rack after months.

  3. I completely agree with you. People just love their shoes, in fact thats why they buy them. Shoes tell a lot about the eemotions we want to express or going through and personality we want people to see.

  4. yes selection of right footwear is so important. it adds a perfect touch to your outfit and overall personality. personally I always prefer comfort over style. and traditional footwear is always my first choice when it comes to select one for special occasions.

  5. My english teacher in school first told us that, footwear used to give your first impression!! You have really covered all that in this post, I loved this!!

  6. I agree wearing appropriate shoes for an appropriate outfit is the key for creating first impactful impression. Wearing right shoes not only make you and your outfit look good but makes you feel confident too.

  7. There was a time when I experimented with various kinds of shoes but after kids it’s mostly flats and sneakers for me. They are perfect to run behind kids and super comfy.

  8. You know the title of your post reminded me of the movie Hum. There is a scene when amitabh bachchan visits an army guy kadar khan impersonating an army general. When kadar khan observes a hole in amitabh Bachchan’s shoes, he immediately figures out he is a fraud! To cut a long story short, I whole heartedly agree with your post!

  9. Shoes do say alot! I know women who just love shoes and are hoarders. They might have the same pair in two colors just because they love them. Such details in your post as how to style them. Great blog I must say.

  10. I feel that the right pair of shoes can add a lot of confidence to your personality and for me the right pair means comfort first. If my feet are happy it shows on my face too.

  11. I agree that shoes give away our personality.But methinks, age and weight plays a huge factor. I used to wear stilettos to f was full day..9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Even after two kids i wore them. Once the depression medicines and steroids upped my weight I had to shift to wedges. Now, I suffer from foot spur and doctor has asked me to wear soft soled heels.

  12. It is very important to select shoes as per our comfort. If our shoes are out of place, the entire look may turn shabby.

  13. A good pair of shoes can all the confidence in your personality. I love to wear my shoes according to the outfit that I am wearing. And also for my kids I prefer shoes to match and be in sync with what they are wearing.

  14. Absolutely the selection of the shoes is very important as they need to match your personality and the occasion. I prefer footwear in which I can be comfortable and that gives a little stylish looks . I always prefer comfort over style.

  15. I definitely believe that a right pair of footwear can make you look good and change one’s personality. Having a clean foot and hygienic footwear is very important for overall health too

  16. I really enjoyed reading your take on this. I stopped wearing heels ever since I stopped working full time. Can’t take heels anymore😁. The right kind of footwear lights up my mood.

  17. I used to prefer heels before pregnancy but now I prefer comfortable ballerinas or moccains. Also I like to wear sport shoes. Heels look fashionable though

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