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5 Things my Personal Brand and Blog stand for

It seems like eons ago when I was filling out those store-bought slam books for my friends in school. Having and circulating one was a matter of pride and demanded trips to different gift shops to get the ‘best’ one around. Everyone took their own sweet time to recollect and share their favourite movies, places, quotes, and whatnot. (As if honesty was going to fetch us their friendship for life or something. Ha, teenage!) The one question that always got my goat though was ‘About you’. No one had asked me that before and one line to surmise my entire existence seemed like a cruel joke anyway. I was 100% Varsh, my personal brand deserved better showcasing and introduction!

Years later, when the closet writer in me transformed into a professional blogger, writer, author, and editor, I considered this with a fresh perspective. Thankfully, this time round the knowledge gained from those Marketing classes in my MBA came to my rescue. The introvert in me had ventured into the public domain of social and digital media and merited meticulous planning and work ethic. My blog and my personal brand, A Vibrant Palette, hence have traces of me, Varsh, too written all over them.

What does my personal brand stand for though?

Honesty and integrity

One of the best compliments I’ve received for my writing is that it comes from the heart. If you dig into my archives you’ll find several old posts that seem like I’m talking my thoughts aloud. This blog was an online diary and my personal space back then. Betrayal, insecurity, mommyhood, friends, marriage, and several other stuff made it here, unfiltered. Although now it’s a self-hosted professional website the honesty part has stuck. I’m vigilant about the brands I write for and give genuine feedback and reviews. My personal brand cannot be sullied by anything.


I’m not a narcissist but a passionate advocate of self-love. Family, work, and other responsibilities often claim our time and energy leaving us with little mental space to pursue other interests. Self-love is like an olive branch we extend to ourselves to stay in touch with our inner self. I’ve written extensively about my weight loss journey which wouldn’t have been possible without generous doses of self-love to keep me motivated. Without it, my personal brand, and I, possibly wouldn’t exist. Not like this for sure.

Healthy lifestyle

We’re all eternal learners in this game called life and every day can amaze and teach us. My journey from an overweight teenager to a fit 40-something mom has been rife with new experiences and learnings. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a supportive family, friends, and audience who have received my healthy lifestyle posts and tips with so much love. I feel proud that I’ve walked the talk and have created my personal brand with sincere effort and hard work. WYSIWYG. No filters.


After being sniggered at by almost everyone for being a grammar Nazi this seems like poetic justice. Languages, written or spoken, have always come easily to me. I’m not perfect, agreed, but I’m designed to point out when someone uses the wrong tense, preposition, or gender (!). Interestingly, this attention to detail has worked in the favour of my work. I’m scrupulous, thorough, and tenacious when it comes to drafting posts/articles and would probably jump off a creek if someone else found an error in them. This reflects in my cooking, dressing, thoughts, and interactions too. So, quality control for my personal brand: check!


Any kind of work, big or small, calls for certain expertise and commitment. Professionalism seems like a big word but is easy to imbibe and practice once you understand and respect your work. Thanks to my blogger friends, collaborators, communities like Blogchatter, and brands who’ve consistently trusted and sought me out, I’ve earned the title of a professional blogger. With few missed deadlines or delays aside, I believe I’m getting better. After all, what good is being good at your job if you don’t have the discipline to carry it forward, right?

My blog and my personal brand, A Vibrant Palette, have not only given me a new identity but also a lease of life when I desperately needed it. It gave wings to my imagination and allowed me to be creative with my words. Over and above everything else, it’s my labour of love and stands for the beautiful relationship I shall share with no one else.

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21 thoughts on “5 Things my Personal Brand and Blog stand for

  1. After reading the whole post I am sure that I need your guidance and advise for my weight loss regime especially. I loved the way you presented your blog and personal brand… I cant express how happy am feeling watching a fellow blogger with so much confidence . I wish you immense success in your journey. Much love 🙂

  2. I love how you laid out who you are and what you do as a blogger. I totally agree with those comments that you write from the heart. Love how you share a part of your life and inspire others.

  3. Great post many of the points resonated with me. love the way how you explained who you are and what you do as a blogger. Glad to know you.
    – Anjali

  4. Wowwww Varsha… I love how uv presented your brand. Heartfelt and genuine and so pleasing to the reader. Somewhere in the middle I was getting a feeling that those are my words… cuz i can totally relate to the 5 things you stand by … n I even laughed when I reached the ‘quality’ part… I’m laughing now too… hahahaha… cuz I am ditto you in that department😀

  5. Such a beautiful post. I have been reading your posts through Blogaberry Dazzle and your honesty shines through. Our blogs are an extension of our lives too. God bless you.

  6. Loved your post, Varsha. Had me nodding in agreement throughout. That is what we want out blog to stand for. Particularly honesty and integrity. We need to be responsible bloggers.

  7. The honesty in you reflects in your blog’s content. It is so lovely to read about how your blog represents yourself. Lovely topic.

  8. Very apt points and some of them are part of my journey too. More power to you for defining and setting your standards and sticking to it. Wishing you success and hoping to see your brand touch new heights.

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