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The magic of J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter

“Everyone starts hating him. His life is in danger. Poor thing has to struggle so much!” A Jr said to me with conviction while reading the second Harry Potter book, The Chamber of Secrets. With our frequent discussions revolving around them, J.K.Rowling and her young wizard have become our family member, almost, after I introduced A Jr to him few months ago. The intent was to encourage his reading and boosting his imagination.

I’m not the one to obsess over ‘current sensations’. I rolled my eyes and ignored when my friends and peers queued for hours to catch the latest Harry Potter book or movie few years ago. I humbly excused myself from passionate discussions about it, online and offline. Yes, I was curious about what it was all about but, honestly, it seemed childish to me at that time.

I couldn’t be more wrong. When I picked up the first Potter book, The Philosopher’s stone, to read on A Jr’s insistence, I just couldn’t put it down. His infectious fixation for Harry rubbed off on me big time. Everything from his scar to his loyal friends, his presence of mind to his never-ending challenges and most of all his extreme bravery to his chillingly fierce opponent, was mesmerising. The boy has no dull moment in his life (except may be when he’s with the Dursleys)! 😉

We will start the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix, after A Jr’s summer break commences. We watched the movie after finishing every book till now and are both of the opinion that the books tell stories better. Yet, nothing can beat the temptation of seeing our favourite Harry, Ron and Hermione come alive on the screen. Also, that’s how Princess can know him too. 🙂

As a mother and a reader though, more than Harry it was J.K.Rowling and her mind that inspired me. Her famous rags to riches story aside, what truly humbled me was that she faced rejections repeatedly but never gave up. It must be heartbreaking to realise that her magical world may never see the light of the day. Imagine all this when the world of Hogwarts and wizardry was waiting to unleash itself to the world!

Writing is a complex job. Putting our thoughts into words which others can also relate with is a battle that few manage to win. J.K.Rowling’s brilliant choice of words, the seamless flow of her writing and the magic that she has woven with every Harry Potter book are truly worth experiencing. Creativity is a good thing but it can easily get stifled due to unmet financial goals or lack of exposure. Would she have derived strength to carry on from her very own Harry Potter? I wonder.

We celebrate Women’s Day tomorrow. I feel honoured to share my respect for this one woman who taught millions of people to dream. If we’re committed enough the universe does conspire to make it happen. Harry Potter is about being proud of your roots, standing for what is right and caring for your friends. It is the story of a little boy that can give life lessons to many. J.K.Rowling’s beautiful masterpiece has something for everyone!

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24 thoughts on “The magic of J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter

  1. J. K. Rowling is my hero! As an insecure teenager, the Harry Potter series were my best friends. In fact, I re-read the entire series when I was pregnant in the hope that my child would love them too 🙂

  2. You have picked the best woman to feature on this women’s day. She had such a huge struggle for this one hit, and when Harry Potter published history knows it. Lovely post Varsha. Happy Women’s Day.

  3. Very well said, Varsha. JK Rowling is a phenomenal writer. It’s said she was inspired by the Twilight series, who cares, what she did was unthinkable. Creating a young boy wizard and giving us this fantasy world of witches and wizards was not ordinary.

  4. I guess I am the only odd one out in this planet who haven’t read Harry Potter series but I know a lot about J.K. Rowling, the lady is truly inspiring , her journey amazes me

  5. J. K. Rowling is a gem, queen of fantasy world. She write so well that you feel like you are part of that story.

  6. I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series. Not just movies but I try to get my hands on the books as soon as I can. J. K. Rowling is one of the greatest author.

  7. Ahh, I cannot every forget Harry Potter and JK Rowling. The only questions I had by heart whenever I had to answer some entertainment and arts related question in general knowledge was anything Harry Potter.

  8. Harry Potter series is something that I had always loved and the love for the same still remains the same. Sometimes I feel the movie wasn’t that interesting as the book was. J K Rowling is undoubtedly a true inspiration when it comes to writing ?

  9. Hey Varsha, my son turned 10 last Saturday and I have gifted him Harry Potter series which we too are enjoying together so we are in the same boat ♥️

  10. Jk rowling is one of my fav writers in the fantasy fiction space. Now i want to re read the harry potter series

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