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Need of Vitamin C after recovery

Good health isn’t achieved overnight. Apart from the absence of disease, it includes attention towards healthy food habits, focus on physical fitness, and dedicated sustainable lifestyle changes. Our body needs adequate nutrition for day-to-day activities and if we’re recovering from infections, our needs may significantly change. Of late, there has been a lot of talk around increasing immunity. As a woman and a mother, I’ve made conscious changes in my diet and ensured that we’re consuming vitamins and maintaining a healthy constitution for the same.

Vitamins are essential nutrients that play multiple roles in keeping our body healthy. They help maintain stronger bones, repair cellular damage, and aid in healing wounds.[1] Vitamin C, particularly, is an antioxidant and is crucial in keeping up our immunity levels. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It benefits us in many more ways as well.

  • Better iron absorption – Sometimes a person may consume iron-rich food yet suffer from anemia due to deficient absorption. Vitamin C works in tandem with other vitamins and minerals in the body, iron in this case, and helps in better absorption.[2]
  • Hello, beautiful skin! – The market is flooded with skincare products like creams and serums that are rich in Vitamin C, and rightly so. Vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen, a protein that helps in building skin, hair, and muscle ligaments giving you a youthful look.[3] It has anti-aging properties and prevents sagging and wrinkle formation. Collagen also speeds up the wound healing process.
  • Strengthens the immune system, how? – One of the reasons why consuming vitamins every day and even more during recovery is important is its positive effect on our immune system.[4] It helps in microbial killing, defends our body against oxidative stress, and decreases potential tissue damage. It has antioxidant properties too.

Why you should consume vitamins to maintain a healthy body_avibrantpalette

But Vitamin C is water-soluble and doesn’t get stored in the body. You have to feed it to your body daily through natural Vitamin C-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.[5] Inculcating them in your diet and consuming vitamins is easy as well. Here’s what I do:

~ Start my day with warm water laced with lemon juice and honey.

~ Eat fruits like orange, sweet lime, berries, kiwis, pineapple, etc whole. Avoid packed juices.

~ Remember to squeeze half a lemon over my vegetables, dal, soups, etc.

~ Green leafy vegetables are easiest to cook and consume; parathas, salads, snacks, etc. and what say you!

~ Tomatoes are a must in gravies, salads and are liberally consumed at my place.

~ Bell peppers are my favorite and I use them in homemade pizzas, pulao, and paneer preparations too.

Building immunity has always been a part of a healthy lifestyle. Infections or not, one must consume vitamins after recovery in India as a priority for better health and a stronger body.[6] Also, if natural foods aren’t providing enough Vitamin C,  it is recommended to consult a doctor/physician to understand how one’s diet can be supplemented with Vitamin C.

Like, my doctor prescribed Limcee Vitamin C Chewable Tablets 500mg when I enquired after a suitable option to help me boost my Vitamin C intake. Since then I #BoostImmunityWithLimcee.

Leading a healthy life and making yourself stronger is a necessity today. What are you doing to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle?

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25 thoughts on “Need of Vitamin C after recovery

  1. I eat tomatoes everyday and try to include green leafy vegetables thrice a week in my diet. I have also started taking Limcee since last one year. I certainly has helped to boost my immunity.

  2. Totally agree to your tips Varsh, I too ensure Vitamin C intake in my as well as my family’s diet. Thanks for reinforcing my belief that we are on the right track.

  3. Thanks a lot for the informative post. In these days who can ignore the importance of Vitamin C in our lives. I will pick up some of the points which you have shared over here too. Depending on multiple sources of Vitamin C is very crucial.

  4. As u mentioned , since body cant store Vitamins , its important to consume them daily through fruits n veggies. but if daily dose of vitamins is missed through these mediums, one should definitely supplement the diet with good supplements upon doctor’s advice.

  5. There is a lot that we can do by just following a proper diet. I practices all these pointers and luckily my kids and family members are not fussy eaters so any change is easily adapted.

  6. Yes Vitamin C play a major role in improving our body immunity and offer other health benefits too. In fact in recent pandemic situation, we should take extra care to include enough amount of vitamin c is our routine diet. I did not heard about the brand you have mentioned here. will check out this for sure.

  7. I got to know about Limcee Vitamin C Chewable Tablets 500mg during the pandemic. Since then my Vitamin C intake has been on the rise. Like you, even I urge my friends to #BoostImmunityWithLimcee.

  8. This is a very informative and useful post for all. Daily intake of vitamin C in moderate form can be very beneficial for our health, specially post recovery.

  9. The importance of sufficient quantities of Vitamin C in our diets has been highlighted by the pandemic. Vitamin C is an absolute neccessity as an immunity booster. And it is advisable to take supplements if your diet does not incorporate enough quantity of Vitamin C,

  10. I absolutely connect with the details mentioned here in the post, Varsha. During the pandemic, we realised the value of vitamin C, I have had many chewable vit C tabs during that time, and today take our dose from Kiwis and other citrus fruits.

  11. I make sure to take the dose of vitamin C in my diet by having green vegetables, tomato and lemon juice. Besides that, I take the medicine vitamin b12 and vitamin D too

  12. Vitamin C indeed is a very important not just in recovery but overall as well. I pay strong attention to my families needs of vitamin C by using supplements and even natural food. This post is indeed quite helpful and helps guide us to decide upon including the supplement in daily diet

  13. Vitamin C is good for immunity and skin health. After the advent of Covid, it has become a norm for me to take extra care to provide Vitamin C to the family. Tomatoes, citrus fruits and chewy tablets do help.

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