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A song for the loving heart

Anita ambled to the dinner table and set her customary afternoon tea in front of her regular chair. She put a glass of water next to it for her husband and gingerly got seated. Her eyesight had faded, both her knees had been replaced, and eating was now a boring exercise of gulping down without chewing. All wasn’t lost though. A music lover, she could now listen to any song anytime, anywhere on numerous mobile apps. Oh, how had the world changed since her younger days! Thanks to her granddaughter and technology for paving the way. She browsed a bit before settling on the one song that always evoked nostalgia. “Jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan, chori chori leke gaye dekho mera man…Jaaneman…”

A song for the loving heart_avibrantpalette

“Ji, you remember this song?” She called him out.“It has been so long but feels like yesterday. I was a quiet girl in college, either pouring over my books or listening to songs on my brand-new Sony Walkman. Everyone thought that I was a show-off, khadoos type. Was it my fault that Pappa gifted me that fancy thing on my birthday? But you saw me for who I was; a shy introvert. And what a sneak you were too. If you didn’t tell me later, I would never know how you followed me around and eavesdropped while I often hummed it.” She looked at him smiling and shyly smiled back. The togetherness of over five decades but he could still make her heart flutter.

“Sach kahu, I always liked you but feared showing it. So handsome and popular you were, girls sighed at even your mention. When I saw Choti Si Baat, I felt like I too needed a love guru like Amol Palekar. Haha! Glad we came together without one though. You sang this song on stage in our college gathering proclaiming your love for me through it. Somehow everyone knew it was for me. I went red in the face with embarrassment while other girls with fury. It was hilarious!” Anita gave him a naughty glance and laughed her heart out while the tea lay forgotten and went cold. The song played on repeat while she relived those beautiful memories.

She got up with some effort and slowly walked up to him. His bright eyes and innocent smile added to his charming personality. “You were so jealous when I said I liked Dharmendra. You didn’t have to, you know. You were no less good-looking than him, if not better. I knew how puppy-eyed you went every time you saw Rekha. Yes, I did. Don’t deny it. However, all that doesn’t matter in real life. We promised to be with each other and always will be. You didn’t keep your end of the bargain though.” Anita’s eyes suddenly went moist and she dabbed at them with the corner of her sari pallu. Her husband watched her, speechless.

“Jaaneman jaaneman…” still played in the background but the mood in the room had changed. Anita picked up the golden photo frame kept on the side table and looked at it indulgently. Her husband stared back at her while she lovingly touched his face through the glass. It had been a year since his demise but she still felt his presence around her. She spoke haltingly, “Ji, I’m sorry. I had promised you that I’ll always remember you with a smile. Par kya karu? This song…” and she broke into fresh tears again.

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32 thoughts on “A song for the loving heart

  1. Varsha what a beauty story dear and its a pure love story which brought tears in my eyes. But life is like that one of the two need to go before the other and that’s the destiny of life. Luck are those who can depart together without giving the chance to miss each other even in the other world… but such instances are only a handfull. When you make a reader feel the emotions in the story …. it indicates you are a fantastic writer. Keep Inking and stay blessed.

  2. I lost my Dad recently and I have seen the pain of losing her lifelong companion in my Mother’s eyes. Your post brought tears to my eyes, it touched a chord.

  3. awwww… I already had a feeling it wouldn’t be so simple. You’ve brought forward the void after the passing away of a loved one sooooo beautifully Varsha… loved your story telling.

  4. This story is incredibly touching and filled with warmth. The final line left me teary-eyed, deeply moved by the emotions it stirred within. When a writer can make readers feel the same emotions as the characters, it’s a sure sign of their exceptional talent. You have a gift for crafting stories that truly connect.

  5. I read your story yesterday but didn’t know what to say. I lost my hubby six years back. Your story brought back memories.

  6. Such a beautiful story. And what a great love it must have been. I feel very sad for people who lose their partners after so many years – they must feel so lost. But the other side is the love and companionship they had which is enviable.

  7. I am a the biggest fan of your short stories, Varsh. And this song, reminded me of our golden days that we left in the childhood. My cousin bhaiya bought a casette of Kaho Na Pyar Hai and I borrowed his walk-in to listen to the song “Chaand sitare phool aur khushbu”..

  8. How the songs of everlasting love and frolic in the good days bring back haunting memories in sad times! I was really touched by the ending here, that’s a really good piece of writing Varsha.

  9. Your poignant portrayal of Anita’s nostalgia and love for her late husband is deeply touching. The way you bring out their shared memories, the ups and downs of their relationship, and the emotional impact of a beloved song is beautifully written. It captures the essence of enduring love and the bittersweet moments of remembrance. Well done!

  10. I am in mix of emotions! Sweet tingling pain, but what a story, Varsha. You know how much I love your fiction, it brings the best of your emotions, and the way you weave it into reality.Kudos.

  11. Emotions are what makes us human. Beautifully crafted story on Happy & sad part of memories which almost get triggers toghther . And I too had a ” Walkman ” still kept in store room

  12. This is a heart touching piece, had me all teary eyed. Such is the power of music, it can evoke memories and emotions. Loved this story, Varsha.

  13. First things first… as soon as I read Jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan, chori chori leke…I played it on Spotify so I read this beautiful story with this song in the backdrop.
    Oh… that’s a poignant story… well written and yes, love knows no bounds of life or time; it transcends all limitations and defies the constraints of our mortal existence.

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