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Celebrations #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

There are a few things that we tend to associate with celebrations. The feeling of togetherness, harmony, visiting friends and relatives, sharing of gifts and food, and lots more. However, there are times when the same moments are not the same without the company of your loved ones. Sometimes as we move ahead in life some things are left behind and no matter how much we try to recreate them, it isn’t possible. Does it mean that we don’t miss them anymore? Certainly not.

This is my third post for Blogchatter Half Marathon and is on the same lines. I’m writing 100-word stories with a picture prompt as part of my Blogchatter Half Marathon posts since I love creating fiction.

I’m also trying to capture one emotion in every post. Today’s emotion is: NOSTALGIA.

picture prompt 3

Kushal took his regular place on the terrace and looked down at New York City while the security guy stood at the door, keeping vigil. He had made his mark here but deep down he was still a Mumbaikar.

It seemed just like yesterday. His family welcomed Ganpati Bappa at their beautifully decorated home amid loud chants and bathed in gulaal. What a gastronomical treat his mother’s special udkiche modak were!

How he wished he could experience it again. True, he could virtually join the celebrations through pictures and video calls. His heavy heart knew it wasn’t the same though.

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