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DIY Bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 2)

“Every artist was first an amateur.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. Encouraging words from learned minds like his are a huge motivation for budding artists everywhere, aren’t they? We often deal with self-doubt and are hesitant to share our work with the world for fear of negative criticism. However, the beauty of art lies in the eyes and interpretation of the observer. In my case, Angel’s smiles and endless wow’s are a bigger reward than anything else. Thanks to her, my DIY bookmarks collection grew by a few more!

I wish to thank my dear readers too for your wonderful response to my first post about DIY bookmarks. I love weaving stories and playing with words but a paintbrush isn’t exactly my best friend. Super stoked with your appreciation and armed with unfamiliar confidence, my pen and brush got creative again. Here’s what I made.

DIY Bookmarks(Part 2)_avibrantpalette

My DIY dreamcatcher project is still in the pipeline but for starters, I drew one on paper. This is the simplest ever design you may find and is made with only sketch pens. Yes, the yellow background too. Personally, I feel this leaves a lot to be desired and I will improve upon it later. How does a Mandala dreamcatcher sound?

The birds are Angel’s favourite and she has claimed exclusive ownership over them. I drew it in less than ten minutes even with her constantly pestering me about ‘why are the birds black and only two’. Who will tell her two’s the company and that I don’t like crowds?

Om doesn’t need any explanation. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting an Om tattoo (do you know I already have three?) for quite some time now. The pandemic spoilt that plan though. This bookmark allows me to absorb its positivity in a way and keeps me calm. It has been my most used till date.

DIY Bookmarks(Part 2)(1)_avibrantpalette

Quote DIY bookmarks are the cutest. I found countless beautiful ones online with spray paintings, drawings, sketching, etc along with the writings. Right from motivational and reader quotes to poems and personal titbits, you can create anything and everything. For beginners like me, knowing a little bit of calligraphy is a definite advantage. Which one did you like? Readers ought to choose ‘Books are my happy place’ right? Also, to be honest, did you or did you not check out the book titles?

Sharing some quick tips for DIY bookmarks before wrapping this up:

  • Ensure that your design and bookmark shape and size match. This will make it look neat and balanced.
  • Keep your bookmark clutter-free. Minimalism is the best bet here.
  • Draw with a pencil and then trace it with a good quality fine-tip pen if you don’t have a practiced hand.
  • Acrylic colours work well for painting. Although, you may use watercolours too if you like.
  • Last and most important, please get your paper bookmarks laminated to preserve your labour of love for long.

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