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Positive thoughts

Today is one of those days when my super active mind is trying to string together loads of seemingly unrelated but certainly relevant stuff. We cannot function keeping every aspect of our existence separate from each other, can we? What influences us on one front has a lasting effect on the rest of us too. It is imperative then to make sure that only positive thoughts and feelings touch us, right?

I’ve realised that sometimes even having something to look forward to is enough to make me happy. A simple diversion from routine fills me with renewed vigour to take on whatever else may follow. It’s true, positive thoughts and affirmations go a long way in developing the right attitude to lead life happily by example.

Creating art, a good workout, an adventurous bout in the kitchen, playing with my kids, going on long drives, a walk on the beach holding A’s hand and so many more things give me joy. Yes, not all of them can happen at once and a lot of them are dependant on others. Does it mean that positive thoughts like these shouldn’t be my source of happiness? Of course not.

We are social animals and cannot exist in isolation. However, it is imperative that we surround ourselves with people with good and happy vibes. Negativity is more contagious and lasting than the dreaded pandemic and has no vaccine as well. Life is full of good and bad experiences and what helps us maintain sanity are the right attitude and complete surrender to whatever comes our way. Isn’t it?

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22 thoughts on “Positive thoughts

  1. Thoughts are very powerful. They can change a gloomy day into one of the most vibrant days and vice versa. And it is in our hands to channelize them towards the right direction.

  2. Our thoughts are very powerful. They can convert a gloomy day into the most beautiful day and vice versa. It is our responsibility to channelize them towards the right direction.

  3. yes, life is all about enjoying small precious moments. loved your list and I also love spending time with my girls by doing something creative, and it is also important that we surround ourselves with positive people. negativity is contagious, so best to keep it away.

  4. iTS NOT ALWAYS possible to surround ourself with people who emit positive vibes. My mantra- Since its always in the mind- switch to positive thoughts the moment something negative enters ur mind.

  5. Positive thoughts are so necessary to make any gloomy day to a bright one . I believe that if we think positive the universe will throw positive vibes towards us . Beautiful post Varsha .

  6. I really try to start my day with positive thoughts, and it really helps a lot. It’s always good to concentrate on something which makes you happy and focused to stay positive.

  7. Sometimes in life, you are surrounded by negative energies and they leave a bad impact on your overall well-being. Also, I believe that being happy is a state of mind. We should remain hopeful and positive about present and future, continuously motivating ourselves. It is not such a bad idea to take care of your own well-being in these times of social distancing and isolation.

  8. Positive and negative thoughts are both in our control and being humans its our nature to think of negatives first in life. We should try and look at things that add positivity to our lives. Simple joys of life can bring in new meaning of everything we do.

  9. I often think, how easy it is for negativity to creep inside from the tiniest places in our life, and for being positive we actually have to struggle. Well, that’s life and we are proud hustlers.

  10. Thoughts creates emotions, I believe in it and have written about it as well. Thinking negative can only make us feel bad inspite of knowing this some times we get into that trap but you rightly said small little things can help you come out of that zone like, listening to your favourite music, shopping, cooking and creating an art piece and so on.

  11. Absolutely that’s a thought provoking read. Positive thoughts brings meaning to our life. Instead of negativity that takes lead to delusion

  12. Yes it’s easy to surround and be admist negativity but how you come out of it and try to dwell in positivity is very important. For me being around people I like and spending time with kids brings out the best in me.

  13. Can I agree more darling yes sometimes that small diversion is what we require and gives us the desired happiness and positivity. Right now I am looking for something like this too

  14. Positive thoughts are so necessary to make any gloomy day to a bright one . We should try and look at things that add positivity to our lives.

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