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The Dreams I Dream ~ WOW Prompt


I was a young girl of 13 when Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge released and became part of my dreams. No one knew then that over the years the movie would assume a cult status and become much bigger than even the stars that acted in it. It is a matter of excruciating agony to even try and put a tag on the number of times I’ve seen it since.

My memory hasn’t failed me yet and I can recollect most of its dialogues even in a state of haze. But the one dialogue that made a lasting impression on my mind was Farida Jalal’s, “Sapne dekho, magar unke pura hone ki shart mat rakho.(You can dream, but realising them shouldn’t be a compulsion.)”. Sadly, I believed it to be true (and probably others did too, I believe).

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it family, peer or societal pressure, but not every girl finds herself armed with the chutzpah to hold on to her guts, put her foot down and rebel to realise her dreams. That is to say that her dreams, unlike the Simran in DDLJ, aren’t limited to getting her love even if it meant sacrificing her whole life as she knew it.

Talking about me, I haven’t spent sleepless nights after I didn’t make it to the top engineering or MBA colleges in the country I dreamed of getting into. I haven’t obsessed over my weight or physical features to feel more desirable. I haven’t given any serious thought to creating a bucket-list or making life plans, ever.


People are called late-bloomers, but if there is any such term; I’ll be a late-dreamer. I agree that it is a great thing to have a dream and strive hard to realise it, but my list of ‘dreams I need to realise’ is much longer than ‘things I always wanted to do’. Mind you, both lists potentially share similar goals; only the way I perceive them is different.

The one thing I didn’t realise earlier is that I never took my inclination towards writing seriously. Also, Arts stream was never an option in our home, or I could’ve studied Shakespeare or the Civil War, instead of IC engines or Financial Management. Anyway, now the ship has sailed.

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However, I’m an optimist and like to treat every roadblock as an opportunity to rest, ponder and then find my way. There’s so much to do and just one life. You can’t just sit and regret for a lost cause, right? Let me share few things with you here. Possibly, some of them might resonate with you too.

I want to learn to play a musical instrument.

Although I can carry a tune, I want to get formal training and sing better.

I wonder why I haven’t come down to learn swimming yet. Want to do it.

Becoming a gourmet chef and learning baking for my family would be good.

Running in a Marathon is a feather I’ll love in my cap.

I achieved one goal when I did 108 suryanamaskars, now I want to do it regularly.

Financial independence for me, always.

Becoming an author and seeing my name on a book cover.

I want to travel more and explore our country.

Short tours around the world and learning about their significance and history.

I want to give wings to my creativity and let it extend itself.

Learning to form and maintain a better social network, online and offline.

I want to be more expressive.

Last (in the list here) but not the least, humility is good, but I want to learn to blow my own trumpet.

What say, want to join in with me while I realise them? 🙂

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32 thoughts on “The Dreams I Dream ~ WOW Prompt

  1. This is a wow post for me undoubtedly. How well you have put it…..dreams and want to do list…never thought that way ever…but now I do after reading you and I think now I will also jot down my to dos in a post. But as it is said when you aspire the entire Universe conspires to let that happen. I am waiting for that miracle…in fact waited for my entire life….but also at times when I look back I feel what did not happen was so much better…At one point of my life I wanted to opt for acting as a career but now I feel thank God that did not happen I wouldn’t have survived….am too righteous for being outrageously creative…if you understand what I mean. Keep you chin up….Again a damn good post

    1. First of all, thank you so much for such a detailed comment. I loved it!! ☺
      To be honest, this transformation in me has come after much heartache and deliberation. I had given up hope on a lot of stuff, but one day I simply realised that I was on an imaginary death bed regretting already when I had many years of living and realising to do. That’s when I decided to go ahead and do what I wanted and was achievable for me.
      It is only later that we realise that the things that didn’t happen were for the best. Thank you! Your comment made my day. My chin’s up and I’m all smiles. ☺☺

      1. Yes it was… When I first saw it, I was too young so I just liked d impact with which she said it n hence got registered in my mind… It’s later on I realised the real truth…. It was my pleasure to read this post of yours 🙂

        1. That’s the power of words, isn’t it? They grow on you. They make you ponder and sometimes leave the ‘connecting the dots’ to you. 🙂
          I’m happy this post found a connect with you somewhere Shefali. ☺

    1. The best part about dreams is that they come without an expiry date, neither for dreaming nor for realising them.
      Thanks Dashy for sharing the link with me. Will go check.

  2. Thanks for sharing those little ‘goals’ or ‘dreams’ rather, with us, Varsh. I think we all nurture similar things – and like you say, there is no expiry date on your dreams; just on your life. So try and get most of your dreams fulfilled before we fly off 🙂

    1. This post made me think hard, really. This is a list I made for the first time and it isn’t even complete! ???? There’s so much to do and look forward to, so many waters to test and many more rules to bend. If only we give enough thought to it.
      Thanks for the comment Sid. Always nice to see you here. ☺

  3. Really good post :). And as I read each dream one by one , they appear so feel good yet so achievable. Do keep posting as you make even slightest of progress towards fulfilling them. Having some few dreams is always a positive sign as it indicates there is so much to look forward to in future :).

    And about that dream of becoming a great writer, when a writer develops chutzpah to use the word chutzpah in a post he/she has finally arrived 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Parijat…I liked your comment a lot! I’m working towards fulfilling my dreams, well some of them as time permits.
      I love the word chutzpah! Something I feel I am at a loss of. Guess the writer in me has more chutzpah. ☺☺

  4. I too love this DDLJ movie but trust me for me this dialogue is what I don’t believe in …sapne jarror dekho and unko poore karne ke liye khud pe vishwas rakho …har sapna poora hoga!! I love dreaming and feel I can achieve that dream someday or other!!

  5. I remember the movie and remember that scene when Simran’s dad tells her this! I loved reading the list of things you have on your bucket list. I’m sure you will tick them all. Btw, becoming an author is on my bucket list too! 🙂

  6. Wah kya khoob kahan hai ! Guess what i totally relate i have more ambitions after turning 30 than i had in my 20s . So its never late and plan A is not the be all and end all

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