I’ve always been in love with kids. Being the youngest one in our family I’ve been lucky to see and spend a lot of time with the younger versions of my elder cousins. It gave me a high when their cute little kids came up to me and said, ‘Bhua mujhe khana khilao’ or ‘Mujhe Bhua ke saath hi gaadi pe baithna hai’. It was very endearing to see their moms swell with pride when anyone gushed about how lovingly naughty they were.

I always wondered what it’d be like when I’ll have my own little monster. When the doctor broke the news to me I started day-dreaming, and as the D-day was approaching my anxiety knew no bounds. Would he/she be the naughty-n-happy child or would he/she be the irritating-n-howling type? Would he/she really be sweet and cute like the kids they show in those Johnson n Johnson commercials? Expectant moms are filled with so much anticipation I tell you…

Few words of wisdom for anyone who might need them: You might read all kinds of books, attend seminars, take cues from your friends and relatives, but nothing can prepare you for what’s going to come ahead. No one can tell you how special it feels when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time or how irritating it is especially for the new mom to leave her pain aside and attend to her crying ward at night. It is only for us to find out, enjoy and feel nostalgic about in later years.

My son is over a year old. He’s just about started babbling but every time he says something legible I get a kick out of it. He’s one of those restless kinds of kids, roams around in the house all day like a lion patrolling his kingdom, doesn’t mind throwing anything that’ll come in his way. He has a very observant eye. I might forget, but he never fails to remember where I’d hidden the tv remote or which button to press to pick up a call on my cell.

I’m a very impatient person. With him now however I feel a lot calmer and grounded. When I’m upset about something he comes up to me and gives me a peck on my cheek. When I give him a monstrous look for something he’s done, he gives his best smile and makes me laugh. When I spread my arms wide and call him close, he simply runs and comes into my arms. What can I say, it feels awesome!!

There was a scene in FRIENDS when Chandler tells Monica that he wants to have a child with her and that they’ll screw it up in their own special way. I’d liked it. It was both lovable and funny. Don’t all of us want that? To love him, adore him, spoil him, and spank him? There was another scene in FRIENDS when Rachel says, I can do anything with my daughter, I made her! Well…thats true too 🙂

As kids we probably never realised how much ‘work’ we were for our parents. But they were always there for us. Even when we sprained our ankle while learning to ride a bicycle, when we scored awfully bad in exams or when we broke our mom’s favourite china. Now I can say I do realise that, and feel more regard and love for my parents.

Finally,parenthood is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It gives a new dimension to your life, makes you more responsible and caring, makes you a better person. I’m sure all dads and moms out there will agree!

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6 thoughts on “Being Mommy Dearest

  1. lovely lovely post!!
    very true no book can teach you certain things and no one on earth will ever love and care for us the way our parents do.

    1. Can’t thank you enough for reading and appreciating this post Deb! It is one of my most favourite ones. The first ting I wrote as a mother, about my son. Thank you 🙂

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