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O is for Omelette #BlogchatterA2Z

Marriage is all about love, companionship and mutual respect. Getting bound into holy matrimony with someone in presence of our loved ones changes something in us in fascinating ways. We try to accept their idiosyncrasies as normal, albeit with tremendous effort at times. Our lives tend to go through a lot of tweaking and often,… Read More O is for Omelette #BlogchatterA2Z

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The spicy story of my marriage

Have you ever seen a movie because its trailer connected with you instantly and made you catch a first day first show? Chances are that it may have fulfilled your expectations. However, higher chances are that you cursed the trailer for being misleading. Marriage is something like that. It is unpredictable and springs surprises; whether… Read More The spicy story of my marriage

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A Different Shade of Valentine’s Day #fiction

It is Valentine’s Day. The day of celebrating love and all it entails. It is about happiness, warmth and affection, not only for your partner but for everyone who you share a special bond with. On this day even the most unromantic person cannot let all the mush around him go unnoticed and is prompted… Read More A Different Shade of Valentine’s Day #fiction

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Caught red-handed #FridayFotoFiction

She bit her lip to avoid screaming out loud whenever her smooth skin brushed against the rough greasy interior of the car trunk. She felt disgusted, filthy but this was imperative. His behaviour of late had aroused a lot of suspicion. His offhand attitude paired with frequent implausible excuses had made her take this extreme… Read More Caught red-handed #FridayFotoFiction