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The Swing #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Childhood memories are the best, aren’t they? There’s fun in remembering the little things that made us happy; paper boats, a Melody chocolate, summer vacations, or the swing in the park. As we grow up these moments often bring a smile to our faces. Every child’s childhood isn’t as happy or blessed though, especially if it’s a special one. Family and friends try their best, but the world can be harsh to them at times.

This is my fifth post for Blogchatter Half Marathon and is on the same lines. I’m writing 100-word stories with a picture prompt as part of my Blogchatter Half Marathon posts since I love creating fiction.

I’m also trying to capture one emotion in every post. Today’s emotion is: DESIRE.

picture prompt 5

Ally tugged at her mother’s frilly summer dress to get her attention. She was twelve and a special child. Kids sniggered as she passed them on her daily walk in the park. Her mother, close on her heels, kindly sounded them off.

“Do you want something, Ally? Water or a snack, maybe?” she asked gently. Ally shook her head and pointed at the orange swing. Often thronged by kids, it morosely stood alone today.

“Oh, there was an accident it seems. A kid got hurt so it’s closed. Sorry, dear.” she said. Ally longingly looked at it and silently wept.

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