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The Green Spice Shock

With teary eyes, you battle the smouldering sensation everywhere it has touched you. You guzzle gallons of liquids to curb it but it doesn’t seem to help. You silently wish to skip the rest of the meal and proceed directly to dessert, but something inside you eggs you to bravely go on.

This is the effect this awesome-looking and superb-tasting devil can have on you! Salads, pickles, chutneys, papads etc are the most commonly known accompaniments in the Indian cuisine. Any Maharashtrian though will swear by the staple Thecha which finds a place of honour in every family’s meal.

Spicy green chillies and garlic being the main ingredients, one can imagine just how hot this dish can be! Since both me and A love it and gobble it up without any restraint, instead of following the original method I balance out the spiciness slightly.

My recipe: Grind green chillies, garlic, coriander leaves, some groundnuts and salt. Heat some oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. After they splutter add the green chillies mixture and sauté for some time. Voila! Your thecha is ready!

An unsuspecting innocent tongue can put you in a state of panic, so better keep loads of candy handy if you are a novice daring to try this out. The ones who’ve had it and like it, come over, I have enough for all of us.

32 thoughts on “The Green Spice Shock

    1. ???????????????? Well, sometimes the next days are rude reminders of the exploits of the tongue. ????????????????
      Water turns to steam or not…can’t say…but yes the haaaa haaaa noise is often proof of the mouth burning up. ????????????????

          1. Methane it is. ???????????????? Knowledge courtesy the lactose intolerant Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. ????????????????
            That’s why I said hopefully no pollution. ????????????????????????????

  1. You know this is yummy I say so because .. back home in village one gets up and has a hearty breakfast.. then off to the fields. . For lunch the usual food was.. roti with chilly chutney..
    Yes. . At that time I probably hated it but now this post is making me nostalgic and I so.much want to have it..

    My grandma use to make sure my roti had a big dollop of makhan .. butter.. With this chilly chutney….

    It use to be so common that even a guest came over or someone was hungry at an odd hour.. The recipe was get a roti and make a chilli chutney.. easy and fast..

    1. Bingo! Bajri or jowari ki roti, besan and this thecha (jhunka bhakar) id the most famous Maharashtrian dish, and yes it is most common with fields, field-trips and getaways. ????????
      Your nostalgic memories only reiterate the fact that anywhere it is in the country we are all alike in some way. ????

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