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My Picture-Perfect Moment: Sunrise with Dad

Travel means different things to different people. Some see it as a window to explore a whole new world, some consider it a learning experience while some treat it as an escape from mundane life. It makes us humble enough to realise that the universe is too vast to discover within a lifetime. Luckily, been born to parents who insisted on taking off for at least a week every year, I’ve travelled a lot and have quite a few picture-perfect moments with curious anecdotes attached to them.

My husband is a piggyback traveller, meaning he’ll enjoy the place, cuisine and sightseeing once we arrive. However, the laborious and dreary part of making an itinerary, bookings and packing is entirely my lookout. Dad is the exact opposite and an old-fashioned road-trip lover. While travelling with both of them is super fun, their different personality traits make me want to try solo travel at times. Just kidding! 😉

A couple of years ago, we planned a trip to Shrivardhan in Konkan around Holi. Dad doesn’t trust Google Maps and still carries a map book with him. Both of us sat down and planned our entire trip on it with acute precision. While we were getting a travel kick from all this, an indifferent A was zealously bursting candies on his phone. The energetic kids on the other hand narrowly escaped an earful after suggesting Google for the nth time. Trust our family to make an occasion of everything. Picture-perfect hysteria, if you may. 😀

My Picture-Perfect Moment: Sunrise with Dad_AVIBRANTPALETTE

Anyway, once we reached the quaint beach town, everyone was swept off with its natural beauty, old architecture, and most of all, the beautiful and clean beach. We hadn’t made prior reservations (bad idea) and missed living in authentic homestays. Our hotel wasn’t bad though and served good food. After lunch, we decided to head to Diveagar, another lovely beach a few kms away. With only a few people around, we had an amazing time playing in the water, especially the kids. 🙂

I’m obsessed with sunset pictures and was keen on getting one at the gorgeous Shrivardhan beach. Alas, the golden moments had long gone by the time we reached there. I was visibly upset and was close to shedding tears. A said I was being childish but Dad, my darling Dad, got restless. “If not the sunset, I will see the sunrise!” I declared fiercely. Dad nodded and said nothing.

The next morning, he was up at 6 am and ready with the car keys to take me to the beach. “Are we really going?” I asked dazedly. “Of course, hurry up before the sun is out!” he said. I shook A, but he groggily (and irritatedly) turned the other way and went back to sleep. After me brushing and changing (Dad helped select my dress!) swiftly, Dad and I were out in less than 10 minutes. The sun, mercifully, took its own sweet time to come out and gave us many picture-perfect sunrise shots! 🙂

After Mom left us, the equation between Dad and me has evolved a lot. He’s friendly, openly appreciative, extra caring, social media savvy and liberally exploits his phone camera. That morning, I requested him for one picture of me in the water. He took at least 15, prompting me to pose differently from various angles. To top it all, we had a piping hot cup of morning tea, together. I don’t know what’s more special, that picture-perfect sunrise or those moments with Dad. Whatever it is, I’m full of love and gratitude for it. The father-daughter bond is something else, isn’t it?

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19 thoughts on “My Picture-Perfect Moment: Sunrise with Dad

  1. This was such a delightful read. My dad is awful at taking pictures maybe because all he sees are his daughters but what we see is how he took it from the wrong angle, etc etc. Dads are precious <3

  2. Thats such a heartfelt read. I am sure, you must have enjoyed every bit of your trip with your dad. My dad also follows the map book. He is s great planner and packer. I got my packing skills from him.

  3. Yes father daughter relationship is so special and like you, I also have plenty of beautiful travel memories with my dad. and sun set pictures are most amazing. they have their own charm and magic.

  4. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life with us. It was a beautiful read. It would have been great if you would have shared the sunrise pic your Dad took of you.

  5. Awww.. Such a sweet post. You remind me of my father. He too love exploring places but bad really bad when it comes to taking pictures. According to him we miss the beauty of nature and fun in that moment being obsessed with pictures…hahaha.

  6. Such a precious memory Varsh, it was such a beautiful read, I had spent my early years watching sunrise wit my dad every day during morning walks too, you brought such fond memories back

  7. Your this post my reminded me of my epic road trip with my dad. Even we used the map for navigating correctly. P.S. I am also a chaser of Sunsets. and can also ditch my morning sleep for a good sunrise.

  8. Such a delightful read. I miss doing on a trips with my dad and your post has tickled me to plan one soon. Only, he won’t be clicking great (actually any) pictures.

  9. This is the most beautiful relationship between a father and a daughter. I too shared the same bonding with my father. Your post reminds me of my last vacation with my dad in Chennai. He took me to the beach and enjoyed a lot with me..

  10. What a heartfelt read Varsha. Every moment spent with parent is blissful. The images and the words are clearly indicating that you and your dad have been a joy-able travelers.

  11. That’s such a sweet post, Varsha, I know the connection between you two through our chats and your lovely posts on social media. This is so good to read and connect as a daughter.

  12. You had such a wonderful time with your father. It’s been almost 2 years I have not met my dad. This post made me somewhat emotional.

  13. Sunsets are sheer magic. And those are moments stolen from time to be treasured forever. Of course no sunset or sunrise can match the invaluable time spent with your Dad, definitely moments to be cherished forever.

  14. Beautiful father daughter duo you both share. This is a nostalgic read for me and makes me emotional. Indeed spending time with father’s is one of the best thing

  15. I felt so nostalgic Varsha. Even I dont have a mum and I desperately have been waiting to meet my father and enjoy simple things and moments life has to offer. Pandemic situation has kept us from meeting the family in past 2 years. Hope soon i can travel. And I so love the bond you share with your father, Touchwood and stay blessed

  16. this is precious moment with your dad for sure. These are simple things in life but will remain with us forever. Pandemic has been toughest phase, I haven’t met my father from last 1 years and I so wish to meet him soon

  17. This is so sweet, Varsha. Moments like these makes everything worth while. No matter how much we grow up, even 5 minutes of undistracted time with our fathers make so much difference.

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