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Why mothers are called the first teachers

Harried mothers clenching their fists.

Long serpentine queues.

Designated counters.

Questions and answers.

Confusions and confirmations.

Anxiety all around.

Kids dragged and/or saved from being crushed.

No, this isn’t the picture of any fish market or any teeming railway platform; however admittedly, it is reminiscent of the two to a great extent.

The first time I went for A Jr’s admission to his ‘big school’, the disturbing scene I shared above welcomed me rudely and took me aback. Here I was, a 3 year old cranky boy in tow, with all documents and cheques in place but slightly overwhelmed and rather clueless with the hurried activity around that place. Everyone was there for the same reason, what was the need to be so impatient?

Every year since then it is the same people (well, mostly) and the same sight. Whole families seem to take a holiday for the ‘big day’ to disperse expertly and hog an enviable position in the line at the admission, school-bags, books, shoes, etc counters. The authoritative air around them is unmistakable as they victoriously zoom past sweating late-coming losers like me.

I almost feel dejected when I have to do it all alone. Mothers aren’t as accommodating as we’d expect them to be either. As I kid myself about hiring someone to do the waiting for me there is always some heavyset lady who despite her massive frame manages to jostle her way ahead of me. One would expect me to protest but when it comes to big ladies with scary eyes I’m, humbly, at best a lousy dissenter.

This year A Jr entered the fourth grade and I reckoned he was old enough to be responsible for his own stuff now. So while I waited to get his uniform, I handed him the cash to get his books set. The boy happily grabbed Angel by her finger, secured the money in his other hand and marched towards his destination feeling all matured and important. The set was heavy for the new portion, but yes, he carried it back and measured the change correctly too.


That was a moment of pride for me as I didn’t see any other mothers taking notice of this possibility or arrangement. My little boy had not only agreed to do something I asked him to but had also helped save time and effort, all the while keeping a close protective tab on his baby sister. When I asked if he would like to do this henceforth, he simply shrugged and said ‘Ok’. When did he grow up so much? Where did all that time go? Did I miss something?

This experience was also a revelation as I observed that children were more organised and well-mannered than their respective elders. Do parents need to do everything for them even after they grow up? Can’t we let them be accountable and take charge of their lives while we take a step back and supervise when required? Wouldn’t it be a valuable experience and life lesson for them? Shouldn’t schools suggest and encourage children to get more practical training?

22 thoughts on “Why mothers are called the first teachers

  1. I Know this feeling..now my girls are also doing same thing and taking their own responsibility to handle their stuff. As a mom I always feel emotional and proud to see that changes. Loved your post and you had made me emotional.

  2. While reading it.. I felt as if I am reliving those moments again. Everyday there is a new discovery and we learn and make sure we are their with our kids when they need us.

  3. Very well said Varsha; parents should, after a time, let the kids take charge of their own lives. i ma too enjoying this phase where my daughters are quite independent.

  4. This is so relatable. When I 1st went with my daughter alone for admission and though she was a silent child that time, but It was maddening for other parents there whom I saw managing kids and running counters and all. N now my child has grown up to 1st grad2 and is so independent that she always wants to do things on her own and asks for help only when she needs.

  5. I can imagine and I can expect from a disciplined mother herself… Mothers are the first teachers, kids learn from their parents so when your son is doing reason is you. Great going Varsha!

  6. Yes actually I have seen this during my childhood and I see it now as well. In my childhood days one of my classmates mom used to start pulling her iin front of other parent on the day of report card. She used to feel so ashamed. I cant forget this memory till now. We as parents need to be careful teachers..

  7. very well said infact a mother can teach the life lessons. We help our kid to grow independently. I always ask my kid to do his work it can be homework or eating breakfast. 🙂

  8. That’s so true, kids learn when they observe our behaviour. It is necessary to be mindful around them, and glad you have picked up this topic and again emphasized on the kind of parenting each one of us include in this journey

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