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The Sign #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Have you noticed the various store signs when you pass on the road? Some inform you about their specials, some about offers, while some display figurines for the latest special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, etc. Every one of them has a story behind them. The catchiest ones though are the ones in front of restaurants, lounge bars, and the like. We tend to associate them with merriment, happiness, and celebration. A part of me tried to see them in a different light though. Hence this piece of fiction. Let me know if this came out right.

This is my fourth post for Blogchatter Half Marathon and is on the same lines. I’m writing 100-word stories with a picture prompt as part of my Blogchatter Half Marathon posts since I love creating fiction.

I’m also trying to capture one emotion in every post. Today’s emotion is: FEAR.

picture prompt 4

Jenny’s eyes meticulously scanned the dark alley to check if she was being followed again. She had managed to lose them thrice in the last two days. How long, though?

Her safe house was compromised. Her contact was not reachable. The mafia knew that she had ratted them out and they were baying for her blood. Was there an escape for her now?

She took a turn and saw the bright neon sign blinking away across the road. Her frayed nerves and racing heart seemed to calm down. Their enemy, her friend. “You save yourself first, girl!” she thought, determinedly.

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