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O ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

Cooking is an art while the process of selecting and understanding an ingredient, its properties and the texture of a recipe involves a whole lot of science. Some foods are best when eaten raw, some dried while others work best as a fancy garnish. Healthy and clean eating is the best way of life but one must allow space for some pleasure too. A good lifestyle gives leverage to both fitness and nutrition in equal measure.

Do you find yourself struggling to ‘like’ foods that are supposedly nutritious but don’t excite you? Are you a creature of habit and fussy about how food must be served? Would you insist on eating fresh food over canned or packed? This post will probably interest you.

Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle_AVIBRANTPALETTE


Oranges are one of the most loved and widely eaten citrus fruit around the world. Every part from their peel to juice is full of flavour and benefits. Their excellent Vitamin C content helps in immunity boosting naturally and reduces risk of colon cancer. Fructose, the natural sugar in oranges helps reduce blood sugar levels while Vitamin B6 regulates blood pressure. Oranges are good for eye health and have known benefits for skin.

Dried and ground orange peels make one of the best home face-packs. Orange zest adds aroma and flavour to desserts. Orange juice when used in cooking gives any dish a wonderful taste. Whole slices have more fiber than juice and if you have to, choose freshly squeezed over packed.


Oats have gained immense popularity of late as a healthy and wholesome breakfast and snack option. They are whole-grain foods and take longer to cook while rolled oats are processed and cook much faster. They’re gluten-free and a great source of fiber, many essential vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. They help reduce cholesterol levels and are great for weight-loss since they keep you full for long.

Oats are versatile and easily support a healthy lifestyle. Soaked oats can be added to dosa/chilla/pancake batter, oats flour can replace besan in your cutlets or use them as a thickening agent in gravies. Milk shakes, smoothies or cakes can get a healthy edge with them too.


Thanks to Domino’s and Subway, olives have become a household name. While many of us are ardent fans of their smooth texture and taste, olives have many health benefits too. They have a high fat content which abundantly comprises of oleic acid, the basic component of olive oil. They’re a great source of Vitamin E, iron, copper and calcium. They promote bone and heart health too. One variety of ripe olives turns black while others remain green.

Olives make the most tempting and colourful pizza toppings. They lend a great taste to salads, sandwiches and wraps. Vegetable oil can be replaced with olive oil in regular cooking as a healthy lifestyle choice. Correctly understanding its smoke point is important though.


Oregano is another food item that’s synonymous with pizza (can’t help craving now!). This strong-flavoured herb is used in fresh, dried and oil form in different cuisines around the world. It is rich in antioxidants, has anti-viral properties and can reduce inflammation. Oregano contains good amount of Vitamin K and can help fight bacteria.

Pizza topping aside, oregano is famously used to flavour Maggi (I know I’m not wrong ;-)) at home. Fresh oregano adds a refreshing goodness to Italian dishes like pasta and risotto. Dried oregano is one of the most creative ingredient to work with for garnish.

Onions are indispensable in most snack, chaat and gravy preparations. Omelette is a great source of protein and fun to experiment with. Oreos are love! choose wisely, practice moderation and your lifestyle would happily sustain your guilty pleasures.

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17 thoughts on “O ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. I love the images in your post, the oranges are so enticing. O for Oats I love, Olives hardly available here, I love them too.

  2. Oranges are super citrus fruit loaded with Vitamin C. My kids love them a lot.
    Oats yet another healthy breakfast option also I use them in cookies, pancakes, smoothies and even cake too.
    I love olives on my pizza as well as pasta too and oregano makes the topping complete be it pizza, pasta, sandwich or even spreads and dips. Also how can one get wrong with onion the friend of every dish and salad.
    All the O’s were wonderful and glad I use all the O’s for healthy kick.

  3. Nutritious “O” food options!! Oranges, Oats, and oregano are rich sources of Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants respectively. Your posts act as daily reminders to pick healthy options for the day!!

  4. Oranges, oats, olives, onions…the ‘O’ food options are tasty and healthy. Vitamin C in oranges, Vitamin E in Olives and Vitamin K in Oregano; good that our generation is counting benefits before eating:)

  5. Your illustrations and the nutritional information are always spot on. Olives somehow are not part of our cuisine though all of us love them on our pizzas. Oregano too i think i should use more often.
    Deepika Sharma

  6. All “O” options are fantastic. recently, I had learnt lots of healthy recipes with Oats. Oats is one of the best healthy food to include in our daily diet. and there are multiple ways to add this our family’s diet.

  7. Wow! It seems today you have well peeped to my Kitchen Varsha😃. From oranges to Oregano everything. I find oranges as a best option for immunity booster, The most occupied fruit on my fruit shelf is orange. In the USA there is seedless orange, that makes me fall for it every day. Oats my daily dose in any form, chapati, chila, upma, idli, dosa etc.

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