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This morning I set out to do something and something else happened altogether. It’s interesting how the simplest things can make us think deep and hard about stuff that goes unnoticed otherwise. By the way, this post may seem a bit lame to you so if you’re looking for sensible writing, you can head elsewhere, just for now. Come down here later please, will you? 🙂

For starters, I prepared the batter for Rava Handwa (a Gujrati recipe which includes lots of veggies, dry spices and a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds and cumin seeds) last night to have for breakfast today. While preparing this morning, I started off with the Handwa but the end result turned out to be Rava Uttappa instead!😐

How, you would probably ask? You see, both of them have the same Rava base and vegetables. In this case, I added the vegetables in the batter itself without layering the top like it is usually done in the case of uttappas. So essentially, the name of the recipe was at my mercy. What tip it in the favour of uttappa then? Well, the sprinkling!

Without the yummy flavour of freshly baked/toasted sesame seeds and cumin seeds bursting in your mouth, you can assume you never had Handwa. Today, somehow, I cut out on the sprinkling and the result was that the recipe lost its meaning and name and became something different, even with the same ingredients.

Isn’t it essentially like us humans? All of us enter the world with the same set of organs, senses and capabilities. What sets one person apart from another is the sprinkling; like knowledge, intelligence, ambition, dreams, confidence, humanity, honesty, etc. It is the sprinkles that add that extra bit of flavour to our personality and lend us our individuality and uniqueness.☺☺

Does this make sense to you? What kind of sprinkles are you made of?

7 thoughts on “Sprinkles

    1. Hey, that’s quite an innovative name! Thanks ☺☺
      Ah, your sprinkles are both refreshing and resolute. Love them. ☺
      Thank you so much Rekha. I hope I deserved it! ????

  1. I thought it was some recipe but the last part was really a pleasant surprise…To bring out something interesting and deep at the same time out of something as normal as preparing a dish requires great creativity which you seem to have been sprinkled with in generous quantity :).

    To answer the last line requires some thought collection which sometimes gets difficult during office work but will do so subsequently :).

    Great post by the way :).

    1. Wow…such a big compliment! Thanks Parijat. ☺
      Sometimes thoughts just flow I guess. I love to cook and when a dish doesn’t turn out right it irks me a lot. Today that didn’t happen and this post developed itself instead. ☺
      Would like to see your next comment. Take your time. ☺

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