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Book Review: The Patriot’s Legacy Forbidden Treasure #BookChatter

Hi friends! As a part of #BookChatter, I’m sharing with you today a book review for an interesting treasure hunt thriller, The Patriot’s Legacy Forbidden Treasure by Apurva Bhuta.


About the book

From time immemorial the biggest wars have almost always have been for the quest of money or power. The rulers of the Kingdom of Allegiance commission the erection of The Wonders of the world to mark their place in history and hide their valuables around them for their descendants. However, The Patriots, a secret group of architects who worked for them are privy to the biggest ever treasure’s location. They leave clues which hopefully will be found and solved by their descendants and help give it back to its rightful owners; common people.

Centuries later, seven young patriots, apparently from their lineage, are brought together to unearth the biggest treasure of them all. Each one of them belongs to a country which houses a Modern Wonder of the World and boasts of some impressive accomplishment. Armed with one clue after another, their mission takes them to the jungles of Amazon, Himalayan peaks, underwater tunnels and loads of other life-threatening adventures.

Treasure hunts are never a smooth sail though. While they’re aided by a team of Protectors, a deadly international criminal is on their tail. He would stop at nothing to get his hands on the treasure and proves it by attacking them over and over again. Will they find the treasure before him or face death? Who will eventually win in this battle between good and evil? The answers are all in there for you to find out.

My thoughts

I have long been fascinated by The Wonders of the world for innumerable reasons. The stories behind their creation are quite interesting while their grandeur and architecture leave me spellbound. Club a treasure hunt with them and it’s a treat for the history buff in me. I loved the way the Wonders are described and their details shared.

The seven young patriots reminded me of the many young detective novels I read as a kid and I instantly started rooting for them. Despite the dangerous situations they’re in, it is heartening to see them stand for each other. Their character nuances are brought out well.

However, I found certain inconsistencies in the storyline. The Wonders have been built in different time frames and in different corners of the world. I couldn’t fathom a way one could plant clues in them, much less connect them. Also, the young patriots often accidentally land the clues which gets old after a couple of times. They’re smart youngsters, sure they could arrive at some clue logically?

Pick up this book as a work of fiction and don’t deliberate too much about historical accuracy. If treasure hunts interest you, you’ll surely like it.

My rating: **** 4/5 stars

About the author

Apurva Bhuta is an entrepreneur based out of Mumbai and has a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Systems from University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He’s particularly interested in science fiction and thriller movies and loves conjuring fantasy stories for his kids. This is his debut novel.

Book details:

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 302

Available in: Paperback

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