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Travel memories: My Beach and Love Therapy

Have you ever had travel memories that are special for the ‘unfinished’ feeling they left you with? Even before you’ve absorbed everything a place has to offer a part of you starts planning a come back since ‘this time just doesn’t feel right’? I did, and pleasantly surprised myself at the uncharacteristic and hopeless romantic dreams the teenager me could concoct!

Mom and Dad sat together sipping tea, the gorgeous morning sun casting a halo around them in the background. It was a picture perfect moment and although it warmed my heart to see them like that, I felt a slight tinge of regret for not being in a position to experience it myself. They looked radiant together! I awkwardly slipped back into the room for fear of nazar lagaoing them. 🙁

I’ve travelled across the length and breadth of our country with them. However, never before had I felt the need to be in the company of ‘someone special’ like I did when we visited Ganpatipule. Playing in beach waters of Goa or Puri was one thing, this surreal beach brought out the romantic in me who wished to hold someone’s hand, take in its beauty and make some precious travel memories together.

Located in the Ratnagiri district in Konkan region, the small town of Ganpatipule is famous for its pristine beaches and a Swayambhu (self-emerged) 400 year old Ganpati idol. With the intent of commercialising it spots like Prachin Konkan (tableaus depicting the history and life of ancient Konkan), water sports, forts etc are being developed here for a better tourist experience.

Travel memories_ My Beach and Love Therapy_avibrantpalette

Getting back to my story, after I got married this place beckoned me yet again to live out that special moment with A. When we planned the trip my parents agreed to accompany and watch A Jr for us while we had some alone time ourselves. We opted to stay at the MTDC resort primarily because it is on the beach and close to the temple.

Instead of exploring nearby tourist attractions (which aren’t many) we chose to visit the local market and bought Konkan special food items like Aam papdi, Kokam syrup, etc. There weren’t any water sports since it was monsoon season. Prachin Konkan was interesting and A Jr loved it. Also, the most memorable thing was that we saw India win the World Cup there!

The resort had decent food and passable room-service. There was also a Panchkarma centre which we didn’t get time to check out. The glorious sunset from our room was the highlight of our day!

With A by my side, the relaxed weekend seemed heavenly. Knowing my nostalgia, he wondered if the smile on my face was because of him or for a dream realised. I walked hand-in-hand with him on the beach far ahead till everyone else looked like tiny ants. We never spoke a word, didn’t need to. Intimacy is delightfully quiet and comforting. 🙂

Travel memories_ My Beach and Love Therapy _avibrantpalette

Marriages are made in heaven and I’m extremely lucky to have been surrounded by amazing examples of happy ones throughout my life. I don’t know how we rate on the ideal scale but when A looks at me, the love in his eyes shows! *Lucky me* We have many travel memories but this one is closest to my heart for obvious reasons. I guess its time to go back, my darling Angel is yet to see this beautiful place!

21 thoughts on “Travel memories: My Beach and Love Therapy

  1. I have gone to Ganapatipule and other places in Konkan when I was doing my graduation. And even after these many years, I still have those memories. The madir where Ganapati Idol facing the sea..it feels so serene.

  2. II had stayed in Goa few months and explore many beautiful beaches. I still had the beautiful memories of those days. ganpatipule sounds like an amazing place, would love to visit this, when visit India next time. also, I loved the way you had narrated whole experience. it was so refreshing to read.

  3. Wow.. Living those wonderful memories once again with kids around is a dream. I am glad you two got your me time . Life is beautiful and it becomes even more special when you have loving people around.

  4. I could so relate Varsh, I am glad you could relive the moment with the special someone. When I was working in Europe there were several places visiting which i felt I will some day come back here with Shobhi and Arsh, as if the charm of the place is incomplete without them.

  5. This is such a refreshing and beautiful read Varsha. It has taken me back to my own travel memories with my kids- the places i revisited with them.

  6. I have not yet been to Ganpatiphule as yet but I’ve taken the konkan road to go to goa with my husband and it was one beautiful ride. For me goa is a place with beautiful memories with family as my daughter is a complete beach person and loves to spend tme in sand and water….

  7. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite is out of hills or beaches I always say beaches. For me it makes me feel calm from within and the last time I felt this way was on my visit to Thailand since there are so many beaches there. Can’t wait for my next vacation in a few months

  8. I I have been to ganpatipule during college days rest konkan is on my wishlist. For our family beach is love. My daughter is 4 and has been to Goa twice. Glad that we all are water babies.

  9. what an absolute delight was this to read this post. A romantic in me felt happy reading this. Now, I am adding this in my soon to visit place with the love of my life.

  10. Omg, Varsha! Reading your post on Ganpatipule just rekindled so many memories. Me & hubby went there 6 years back to celebrate our first anniversary. We stayed at MTDC too and really had fun in the beach as well as at the resort. We also enjoed the solkadi, aam papdi and amazing marathi cuisine at a place called BhauJoshi. Do try their solkadi, if you ever visit again.

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