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Family Vacation with Nature

“Will you promise me that every year you will take me somewhere, even if it is just for the weekend?” I asked him lovingly.

“Don’t ask for promises. I can assure you though that you won’t get a reason to complain.” He replied candidly.

That was all I needed from him. Being married for 11 years, there are certain things that don’t need any reflection anymore.

When I gave my consent to getting married in June, little did I know that along with the clichéd, hyped and anticipated romance in and around monsoon season I was also signing up for ‘the month school reopens’ after having kids. (Yes, I knew I wanted kids.) The beach lover in me forgot that monsoons aren’t for honeymooning on sand! 🙁 🙁

Ever since A Jr started school I spent most of his summer vacations at either mine or A’s native place. It was natural for his grandparents to want to spend some time with him and their rebuttals to make do with fewer days were intense. We soon realised that our relaxed alone-time as a family started suffering a great deal.

It was then that I came up with the idea of taking off for a short weekend vacation on our anniversary thereafter, every year. The idea was to take a short trip to someplace close, soak into the beauty of rains and nature during our stay, recharge ourselves for bracing the mundaneness of a routine life and come back with tons of memories that will keep us company for years to come. 🙂

A isn’t the social type. For him vacations are meant to be with immediate or extended family only. We were joined with my bro-in-law’s family in Lonavala a couple of years ago and the four of us had the best time together last year in Mahabaleshwar. This year we decided to go to Saputara, a lesser-known hill station on Maharashtra and Gujarat border.

Saputara welcomed us with heavy rains, which disappeared soon enough. 😉

To say that we enjoyed there would be a gross understatement. Never had I felt so close to nature as I felt here. We drove through dense fog, walked for long distances with kids, rode a ropeway (first time for both kids) and had yummy Gujrati food. I even rode a converted Scooty-Bike and posed stylishly. 😉

Sunset Point
In monsoons, the Sunset Point makes you stare at nothingness! 🙂
We saw this flash of sunlight after two days, at dusk
This lake has boating and is a huge draw for crowds
My babies fooling around at the Saputara Museum

The weather Gods seemed happy with us since it didn’t rain once over the weekend. Mornings and evenings, as both kids slept I and A enjoyed the quiet intimacy we often miss in our city life. Holding him close for warmth and comfort, I welcomed the slight nip in the air as clouds rolled past us.

Raindrops captured in the petals of a rose. Gorgeous, isn’t it? 🙂 
Kathiyawadi food. Super spicy. Super yum!
There are Maggi stalls everywhere, literally by dozens!

It is said that “Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Sitting there in the balcony with A’s hand in mine, I understood the true meaning of this line.

View from our hotel balcony 🙂
The sun was out when it was time for us to leave, suggesting the end of a wonderful time. 

However busy your work may be keeping you, always find time for your family. Kids grow up faster than we think and their childhood memories are what will remain of them after some years. Give them a piece of you and they will make your every moment worth a lifetime! <3 <3 <3

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36 thoughts on “Family Vacation with Nature

  1. Absolutely correct…. Dats y I opted to resign my job coz I wanted to see n njoy my son growing…. Coz at last ly memories will remain… Still my husband has soo many regrets as fr mostof d tym I was at my parents house n he couldn’t witness funny mad serious moments of my son…

  2. I remember seeing this last image on twitter 😉 lovely post and family outings are so important to relax and rejuvenate. Kathiyawaad food I have been craving since ages, going to have it soon now 🙂

    1. Yes, I shared that one on Twitter while we were there. Was too tempted. 🙂
      You must have Kathiyawadi food. It is spicy but a nice change. Such family time together gives wonderful bonding opportunities too. 🙂

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