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How to address Mental Health of senior citizens in India #CauseAChatter

“Child is the father of man” ~ William Wordsworth. I can still clearly recall how animatedly George Sir, our English teacher in school, explained the meaning of this beautiful idiom to us. Although my amateur mind couldn’t entirely fathom the deep meaning hidden behind those words back then, I’m fairly certain that now I can.… Read More How to address Mental Health of senior citizens in India #CauseAChatter

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Travel memories: My Beach and Love Therapy

Have you ever had travel memories that are special for the ‘unfinished’ feeling they left you with? Even before you’ve absorbed everything a place has to offer a part of you starts planning a come back since ‘this time just doesn’t feel right’? I did, and pleasantly surprised myself at the uncharacteristic and hopeless romantic… Read More Travel memories: My Beach and Love Therapy

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Treating 'others' differently

Unsure of everything happening around, he stood there quietly, his eyes darting in every direction and his mind seemingly filled with a hundred questions. Am standing near the right gate? Am I late? Do I stand here or go to the main door? He didn’t say anything aloud, but from experience I could read his… Read More Treating 'others' differently

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The big old child #NaBloPoMo day 4

Being foolishly stubborn, refusing to abide by rules, feeling insecured and stopping at nothing to get some attention are traits we normally associate with kids. While they are all true, we also know that, considered as childhood revisited, old age displays these very shenanigans. Unfortunately, they are even more pronounced the second time round. Last two… Read More The big old child #NaBloPoMo day 4