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Stylish bags that make a glamorous you!

If money could buy happiness anything spent on handbags or purses would probably top the list. Bags are a fashion accessory that is elegant, fashionable, unique and practical, all at once. Stylish bags complement your attire, formal or casual, and give you a smart edge over others. Isn’t it interesting that there’s a bag of every size and for occasion and mood? Just how overwhelming it would be to pick just one from the incredible options available!

A woman’s handbag is as private to her as her husband or her boyfriend, maybe more. Men carry a wallet for utility, but women carry their world in their purse. Everything from makeup and keys to a water bottle, wet tissues and sanitiser find a place to rest in it. Sharing with you today some excellent and stylish bags designs, so you buy or gift them to someone you love.

Tote bag

A tote bag is a must-have for every woman. It is reliable, has ample storage space and is comfortable to carry around. The best part is that it is versatile and can be carried to work, for shopping or even when hanging out with your friends. 


Satchel bag has a unique professional look to it and is one of the best choices for working women. It has good storage space and can fit your gadgets and even a laptop comfortably. Leather satchel bags are quite popular for their sturdiness and quality. Satchel bag duals as every day and laptop bag too. 


Backpacks have come a long way and are here to stay. While their primary objective is storage, they’re now also a fashion statement for college girls and working women alike. They come in varying sizes and have additional embellishments like tassels, smart zippers and other trimmings. They’re available in swanky colours and range from cute to chic. 

Sling bags

Sling bags offer a touch of sophistication while keeping your hands free for other activities. They’re non-restrictive and a great option when you’re travelling. They usually come with an adjustable shoulder strap and in different materials like cloth and leather. Their designs are clean and trendy too. Pick any one (or more) that suits you!


When it comes to keeping your everyday necessities like cash, cards and sometimes keys sorted, nothing is as handy as a wallet. From business-like trimmed to netted and embroidered, wallets offer a great variety. Flapped with a magnetic tuck or zipped to give you an easy open-and-close experience, they offer good space too. 

Shoulder Crossbody bags

Image Courtesy: Kompanero 

These super comfortable and stylish bags are a huge hit amongst both men and women. Since they can be thrown around the shoulder, they’re ideal for going around town, out with kids or for a walk. For women, these come close to sling bags but without any fancy embellishments. Crossbody bags for men come in lovely pastel shades with fabrics like nylon or soft leather.

Having to choose one amongst so many gorgeous designs surely qualifies as blasphemy! Also, this is an inclusive list since stylish bags have a world of their own that cannot fit into one post. One thing’s true, though, that one can never have enough of them. 

I have had a great experience of shopping for my bags from Kompanero; I love how versatile their options are and how classy and handcrafted bags that they have. They have great options for men as well as women, which you should surely checkout! I am sure you won’t get disappointed with the quality of any products from them. 


17 thoughts on “Stylish bags that make a glamorous you!

  1. II wasn’t a purse person until I got married. I have always used cross body bags or light weight backpacks. But after taking up mommy role, I became a big fan of tot bag and backpacks. I always carry Tot bag as my carry on bag. And backpacks let me keep my hands free.

  2. Wow all these bags are looking so cool and stylish. personally, I like cross body bags more, and as they give an extra freedom, when you drive two wheeler. I had started using them, for same reasons. I also like handcrafted bags as they look really classy and traditional.

  3. I can never have too many bags or shoes ! Kompanero is one of my favorite brand and I specially like the sturdiness and casual feel of their bags. I have a sling that goes very well with my outfits for casual dates.

  4. All these bags are nice. I personally prefer a sling bag when I am out and about to run errands or out shopping alone but if I have my kids with me, tote bag it is to accommodate all their extra stuff that I need to carry around.

  5. If there is one thing that I absolutely love to hoard it has to be bags. As they say woman woman can never have too many shoes or bags right? I have always been an avid collector of bags and I was so happy to read your post and I proudly say that I have almost all of these Styles

  6. Sling bags are best for day to day tasks for nearby market while tote bag is my on go choice as it can have a lot of stuff inside and that too very peacefully. Liked the detailing of the each version of bag.

  7. I am a sling bag and bagpack kind of person. I can’t carry bags in my hand . After having two kids ,my hands are always busy with them and shoulder bags are the only option then.

  8. I love the sling bag, I am mostly carrying a sling bag, if I am going out for any quick work. I like totes too. Bags are all women’s weaknesses right? I can never have enough bags.

  9. Tote bags are my fav out of all. I have been meaning to pick a new one for me for quite some time, thank you for the recommendation. I shall check out Kompanero soon 🙂

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