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A Decade of Love #DecadeHop #RRxMM

Hi friends! I’m participating in the #DecadeHop the prompt for which is ‘decade’. I’m attempting to write a piece of fiction. Do give it a read and let me know what you think about it.

Namit was feeling apprehensive ever since the invite for a reunion started doing rounds in their college Whatsapp group. It was strange, he mused, that the immensely popular General Secretary was getting jittery at the thought of visiting his alma mater again after a decade. Why was he a bundle of nerves? He had moved on, or so he thought. Or was that episode etched deep onto his memory and still raw?

Namit, with his Greek God looks and a body to match could still make hearts melt with a smile. Back in the day it did more than that. His charm enveloped his peers and professors alike. Girls competed for his attention, boys partied hard with him and his incomplete college assignments often got unfairly pardoned. While everyone was trying to figure out what to do in life, his role was decided. His father had expressed his wish to induct him in his thriving pharmaceutical business and Namit had agreed.

Did this struggle-free life elucidate why he got a bit rough around the edges? His final year saw Namit surprise himself with some pointless stunts that fortunately didn’t reach the college authorities. He turned up drunk for his lectures and hid at the back, burst crackers in the library and made cheap graffiti on the girls’ hostel walls. His devil-may-care attitude started hurting everyone and his once staunch friends slowly started distancing themselves from him. He was all set to go down the spiral had he not come across that face, that angelic face, that changed him completely.

Despite the enviable adulation he received Namit had never known love. Those eyes, those lips, could there be life without them? The overpowering emotions he felt within left him utterly bewildered and he went on a wild goose chase to locate his object of affection. Soon, he became a permanent fixture in the First year corridor. He merely stood there silently, watching. Every time they crossed each other his heart skipped a beat. Should he say it or shouldn’t he? The decision was never made and he never garnered any visible reaction.

It must’ve been destiny that one day they ran into each other in the deserted college garden. Their eyes met first. The still air between them suddenly felt charged as their feet involuntarily dragged them towards each other. ‘Do we both feel the same way?’ Namit wondered as they came daringly close. His mind and body seemed to exist as two separate entities as he ventured ahead to do the unthinkable. The fear of being seen hung low upon them but that one desperate, stolen kiss bound them together, forever.

Their heightened carnal desires made them feel miserable whenever they were away from each other after that. Throwing caution to wind they clandestinely devoured each other a couple of times. Being in each other’s arms made them feel loved and complete. There was no fooling themselves though. The world wouldn’t understand and the stakes were too high. It was extremely hard but as the year drew to a close they reluctantly decided to file these memories in a secure place in their hearts and let each other go. When Namit passed out of college his eyes were moist for a reason nobody knew.

With a zeal unbeknownst to him and after a lot of contemplation, an inquisitive Namit finally attended the reunion with his family. A decade later, everyone and everything seemed new and different. While his toddler son wrapped his tiny fingers around his forefinger and pulled him in random directions aimlessly, his eyes frantically searched for that familiar face. Sure enough, there it was, walking towards him holding a baby girl in his arms. Greetings were for others, their eyes spoke volumes.

“How’ve you been, Kunal?” Namit asked tentatively. Kunal only smiled.

Their silent love for each other hadn’t diminished in the last decade. They were leading a normal happy life for the world and they understood why. Family, friends or society didn’t need a peek in their private lives. They had turned their backs on each other once but not again. How would it work? They didn’t know yet. Not every love story needs an end or closure. An honest acknowledgement from each other would go a long way too.

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110 thoughts on “A Decade of Love #DecadeHop #RRxMM

  1. The side of individuals that they avoid facing in mirror is placed in platter for readers. The emotions that were recognized but didn’t dared to name it. Your characters Kunal and Namit are interesting and I want to know their story ahead.

  2. A beautiful love story woven out of compassion and sensitivity.

    I hope the Supreme Court decision of scrapping Section 377 in India will help a lot of Kunal’s and Namit’s take a stand for the sake of their love.

    But like you implied in the end, all love stpries need not have a perfect ending…sometimes it is enough to know that you loved and were loved perfectly.

  3. Hi!! Very interesting topic you have chosen to write. Initially I got the impression of Kabir Singh story but the end cleared the doubts. It is very difficult to hide your identity for life and be someone you are not. I hope now with the Supreme Court order and the new movie coming up Subh Mangal Jyada Saavdhan people will be more tolerant towards many such Kunals and Namits.

  4. That is indeed a beautiful piece of fiction with a lovely surprising twist at the end. It was once called forbidden love but the decision of the supreme court has legalised things which has removed the forbidden tag. It is high time India realized that any form of love that is part of nature has to be treated with respect.

  5. Varsha your story kept by interest on track till the end, and end part left me surprised, beautifully weaved fiction, a decade back it’s almost impossible to talk about such unique love story, but this new decade brought all hopes to give these stories a happy end.Well written.

  6. I think Love doesn’t need any definition, any names, any genders or anything else. It is the pure connection of two souls who feel their vibes match and they come together without thinking any if and buts. The story of Namit and Kunal gave me goosebumps. Superly wrote Varsha. Your hand in fictional romance is so strong. Loved reading it.

  7. Just loved loved loved the twist!!!!! Woowwww what an ending it was! From the very beginning to the ending, I was mesmerized reading. When you started the story, it remined me of my colg days. But at the last, omg what an extra ordinary twist it was! And the core theme of the story is also very relevant. I hope the society would make it smoother in this new decade. Best wishes 🙂

  8. Oh! What an expected twist! It is such a heartbreaking story.The stigma, taboo and hesitation is captured so beautifully. But what now? The unspoken ending is poignant! Cheers!

  9. A sensitive portrayal of love and imperfect endings. But that’s just how life is isn’t it? It’s well written Varsha. Congratulations on this creative take on the concept?

    1. Thank you so much, Richa. I’m not a ‘happily ever after’ kind of person and imperfect love and endings interest me the most. I wanted to show the sensitive side of homosexuality and am glad it came across.

  10. Wonderfully expressed love story, the twist says it all.
    Decade was a long time and they must be feeling glad now at least couples like them have a voice even if they didn’t had.

    1. Faking being normal would be tough, isn’t it? This isn’t something one can escape. Can’t imagine what goes through their mind when there’s no real feeling within.

      1. And what about the other partner. We always talk about the plight of this side …have seen so many features, blogs , what about the one who’s roped in dreaming of a marriage? Am I giving you ideas for a next blog ?

  11. varsha.. u have flared well with the fiction story. the story line was very interesting and suddenly it took a u-turn towards the end..ur words have beautifully touched a sensitive topic and it was a pleasure to read it. ?

  12. Loved it. The pic was a dead giveaway for the ending, though :). Each time I read a LGBTQ+ piece (fiction or non fiction), I am appalled at the hypocrisy of the Indian society. Why can’t people live and let live.

    Glad to have discovered your writings thanks to the blog hop. Wishing you the very best.

    1. Not many picked up on the dead giveaway and you did! Thank you so much. 🙂
      Anything that’s different from set rules of society is taken as bad or wrong which isn’t right at all. We judge and we judge. Hypocrisy at it’s worst, really.

  13. Great topic to touch for a decade saga. The twist was good but I feel that such people end up being sad and ruin other lives too.That is just my take..your story was presented really well Varsha ?

    1. Thank you, Harjeet! You may be right but the fact is that sadness comes because the society is hard on them and they are often forced to accept a life they don’t want. If only we make them feel ‘normal’ it will all be quite different.

  14. That was interesting piece was that unique end . Hope the society and our system sets some new definitions so that every love story can have a name and can survive happily too

  15. That was a beautifully written piece. I loved your last line, not all love stories need a closure. Love is the purest feeling and when hit by society and the judgments, it loses its beauty. Hope all these issues will go away and there will be more acceptance in the next decade. Will love to read what happens next in their journey.

    1. Such a lovely comment, Arushi. Love must be celebrated, no matter who it is for. Judgement and prejudice mar it’s beauty. Changes are happening and hope they’ll get better over time. Will try and take the story forward. 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s one of my absolute favourite songs ever. Gulzar is a magician when it comes to words. Why limit love to names or gender, in this case. Thank you so much for reading.

  16. Oh my effing God, did you just write that? I was dying to read a story, a love story in fact and you gave me a beautiful one with a grand twist! Oh, Varsha! Way to go! Woohoo!

    1. I’m a sucker for stories, Shalini! Fiction is something I love writing and having someone read and like it is the biggest compliment ever!
      So glad you liked it. ❤️

  17. You have woven a beautiful story with strong emotions. All love story might not have perfect ending, but hiding your true self from everyone is indeed toughest choice. ?
    Atleast with changing time and the change in laws people would learn to welcom all relationships.

    1. Acceptance is most important. Living a lie is indeed the toughest choice. If society is more welcoming we may have people love for their ‘real’ happily ever after with whoever they please. Thank you! 🙂

  18. Although this was indeed a beautiful story as everyone has already mentioned, my heart broke for the lies the two are living just to keep up appearance. Hopefully, as others stated, with time, the ending would be different for a real-life couple. I wasn’t expecting a happily-ever after but I would have liked some hope at the end. But I liked how it ends even now and that line beautifully ties it all together. They need not be together to show their love for each other. Just knowing in their own hearts is enough for them. It’s a powerful and very impactful story you’ve written. Well done!

    1. There could be endless possibilities to this, I agree. I tried to find the one I found closest to reality. They cannot run away from their families for each other, right? Love isn’t limited to boundaries or dependant on expressions. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating it. Means a lot! ?

  19. Wow Varsha, loved the way you had create a perfect set up like movie..I had felt that I am watching a movie. completely agree with the end message, it is not compulsory that every love story reach at a perfect ending. some relationships are beyond this boundaries and remain same even after passing of decade. excellent write up dear!

    1. Thank you so much, Surabhi! That is one of the best compliment to receive. Creating an image with words is a writer’s challenge. Glad that I could do that! ❤️

  20. Suspense.. I thought it would go the Kabir Singh way but the end was a is high time that our society accepts these love stories and let the Gays or rather LGBTQ community also have their partners in open.

  21. Varsh, what a way to treat my eyes. Just loved your writing and the way it unfolded in the last.
    Your writing style, playing around with words and the choice of words, here’s a pat on your back.

    Keep writing and am following your page to read more

  22. Hey Varsh,very innovative description of their love. It is so true to say that not every story needs an end or closure. As long as their subtle feelings for each other are alive,they don’t need anybody’s concern.
    Wish you loads of success.

  23. This is a landmark decision for many many people in the society who lead their lives with sense of confidence but a feeling of hollowness. You are their voice. I appreciate this take on the decade because it is going to make a numerous people happy. It brings about love. Even if your characters didn’t live with each other, their love for each other is not getting any less!

  24. True land unconditional love doesn’t have any definition and it’s not about going on fancy dates or showing’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can. mind blowing wrote Varsha. i loved your fiction present.

  25. Claps !! Wonderfully weaved fiction. There are a lot people in our country living this life hiding their identity. By the end of next decade, stories may change hopefully! Well done Varsha. I was looking forward to read something different from regular posts. You made my day ??

  26. At first I was reading it like a normal love story, when I read ‘holding his daughter’ I read it twice and then ignored thinking it to be an error but the twist had me. I loved the story and yes the last decade must have had a lot of such hidden love stories. Hopefully, the new decade will accept all kinds of love stories. Beautifully written, Varsha!

  27. A 10 year reunion is a great theme for the “decade” prompt!
    I must admit I had guessed the ending beforehand, but only because you had a homosexual character in one of your previous stories and I had enjoyed that piece of yours too. Keep writing fiction Varsha!

  28. Love is Love. Why is it so difficult to understand? Am so glad you touched this topic and so beautifully. The characters, emotions and the twist, you have woven everything perfectly in such few words. I can’t leave it here, please come up with a part-2:) Really happy that you participated and wrote this beautiful piece for us.

  29. What a creative take on the theme Varsha ji. Really nice of you to come up with this fiction so beautifully. True. All love stories do not need a proper ending. All it needs is acceptance. Keep the wonderful work going.
    #DecadeHop #RRxMM

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