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Reinventing myself with my attitude #MyFriendAlexa

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” ~ Confucius. The biggest difference between a person who achieves something and the one who dreams to is their attitude. Setting sky-high goals isn’t enough if you’re fearful of taking flight. Small changes, hard work and consistency are your only friends in the long run. When I embarked on my transformation journey it wasn’t just about losing weight or getting fitter. I wanted to be the person I deserved to be by reinventing myself and that started by adjusting my self-deprecating attitude.

The New Me_avibrantpalette

Peeling away layer after layer

I’ve never had the skill or patience to apply elaborate makeup. I did give in few times for family functions and hired a professional. While I obviously loved the makeover I constantly reckoned that my real self had temporarily hidden behind a pretty veil. How would it feel after removing the several layers of cake on my face? Would I love looking at my image just as much? Was my face just too perfect to suit the rest of me?

Reinventing myself involved peeling away many knotty and hardened layers formed over the years. And yes, it was indeed lot more time-consuming and complicated than removing makeup. It was about stripping negative thoughts, unlearning ‘genetic’ notions, removing self-doubt and, hopefully, losing some flab along the way. In retrospect, it was worth it!

Choosing the right people and attitude

The rest of us tried to hold our guffaws while the lady grumbled incessantly for being pushed to her limits. She was the newest entrant in our Power Yoga batch, cute and perennially sleepy with teenage kids. Our incensed trainer, seasoned and impassive, held her ground though. “If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right”, she used to say. She insisted that our hate was her driving force. Apparently, every time we cursed her for the cramps in our muscles, she succeeded in her job.

I haven’t met her in years but her words stuck with me. We often tend to cut ourselves some slack by cooking up imaginary excuses to take a break, or worse, give up. Right attitude and motivation are the two things that have put me back on track every time I’ve faltered. Thanks to her for teaching me more than squats and Yogasans and the lady to remind me what I don’t intend to be.

reinvengint myself_avibrantpalette

Surrounding yourself with positivity

While reinventing myself was my call, I was amazed at how others forcefully squirmed their way into my plans. For every one person who applauded me there were ten who were unfairly critical. People who once chuckled at my ill-fitting dresses now maintain that I was ‘cuter’ back then. Also, nobody ever confessed earlier that my chubby cheeks made me pretty. Why bother now?

Aunties are by far the funniest and most vicious lot. I’ve been repeatedly bugged for my diet and workout routine only to end it with “humse to ye nahi hota”. Never mind that their knees have gone bust and their lives are almost entirely dependent on prescription pills. It also saddens me to see women younger than me surrender to an unhealthy lifestyle to appease their in-laws. It’s their life and choices though. I wouldn’t want their influence to affect my goals and neither should you.

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder we must mentally be hobnobbing with the apsaras, right? However, one should also contemplate that beauty is skin deep. It reflects from our thoughts, our conduct and the example we make of ourselves. I’m glad that I consciously worked on reinventing myself in time to be a better role model for my kids and becoming the person I feel proud to be.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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68 thoughts on “Reinventing myself with my attitude #MyFriendAlexa

  1. i am loving your journey varsh and its so inspiring ! I know we tend to lose heart and give up .. but we should be consistent and not find silly excuses.

  2. Your journey is inspiring, really. And I like the confidence that your post reflects.
    You know, I am that aunty who “feels” ‘humse to yeh nahin hota.’ But I am not critical. I really admire people who do yoga and exercise and stay fit. I have tried yoga and aerobics but I always fail to be consistent. I try to maintain a controlled diet. And I enjoy brisk walk (without any interruption), even if it’s inside my house. A myriads of thoughts/ideas whirl inside my head while I am taking a walk. And I have written several short stories and poems inspired by these thoughts.

    1. The fact that you’re doing what you can is enough, Tarang. Not everyone can skip, do squats or run. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. I’ve often found is very helpful in clearing my head. And yes, many of posts get drafted in my mind when I’m walking too.

  3. Inspiring post.
    Reinventing by peeling away hardened layers, this is beautiful.
    Beauty for sure is skin deep when you feel good and happy about yourself.
    Glad to find the proud and happy you.

  4. Our attitude can make us or break us. With a positive attitude, we are ready to embark on any tough journey. Sometimes the path might be tough and full of difficulties but with positive attitude, things don’t seem that complicated.

  5. Such an inspirational post Varsha. I agree in life when there is no pain there is no gain. If we want to succeed in any aspect of life and achieve desired goal, we have to work hard with constant determination.

  6. I love your transformational and inspirational journey of fitness Varsha, wearing the right attitude is the best thing that very rare can hold it confidentially and that is more inspiring than any weight loss.

  7. Indeed, the first and foremost rule to make a positive change is to change your attitude, reactions to external factors and then surround yourself with positivity. Good to know about your journey. Have a greater and better journey ahead.

  8. Loved the quote on which you have written this post and the reinvention of the self is always blissful for one self and a problem for others as far as I have experienced. Thank you for sharing your journey. It indicates that I am on a right track.

  9. Your words are so inspiring like your journey. There are many time when I feel low and think to give up all these . But we need to be consistent to the work to see the success.

  10. Very well said Varsha. You and Roma set an example to be work hard and be disciplined in their fitness journey. It’s a long time, I saw your efforts, how you maintained your food and fitness journey. Inspiring!

  11. A very powerful post and seems like a fulfilling journey. But on a different note, tell me how much does losing flab contribute to that body positivity? Can’t one be body positive without doing anything about losing their extra pounds?

    1. Body positivity comes in different forms and losing flab has nothing to do with it. It’s just healthy to keep your weight in check. In my older pics I look just as happy and pleased with myself as I do now. 🙂

  12. Absloutely loved what I read, love you website as well. Completely true about reinvention, and attitude and cutting those negative thoughts. I think we need to consider changing constantly, we get so comfortable that we dont realise we have become redundant and then play the blame game.

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