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The Flight #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Do you remember your first flight experience? I’m sure you do. Whilst air travel has become a reasonable, preferred option now, earlier it was considered an unnecessary, expensive luxury. Our parents’ generation would rather enjoy an eventful, fun train journey where one can move freely, over cramped, restricted seats in a flight, won’t they? There is no right or wrong here though. Just a difference in opinion. That doesn’t mean we can gift them an experience, yes?

This is my ninth post for Blogchatter Half Marathon and is on the same lines. I’m writing 100-word stories with a picture prompt as part of my Blogchatter Half Marathon posts since I love creating fiction.

I’m also trying to capture one emotion in every post. Today’s emotion is: AMAZEMENT.


“Our son cannot dictate our life. We could’ve taken the train and avoided those airport queues and security checks. Such a waste of time. Why he booked flight tickets?” Ramya cribbed to her husband sitting next to her.

“Relax. He wanted our journey to be fast and comfortable, that’s all. He’s coming to pick us up too. Enjoy your window seat now.” Satish comforted her and held her hand gently.

In her heart, Ramya agreed. She looked outside and her mouth fell open. They were over the clouds, literally. Shadows danced on them from the setting sun’s rays. Breathtaking view!

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