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5 Workout Essentials to invest in #FitnessWithVarsh

If you wait for the right time and occasion to start your workout, you’ll never find one. ~ Varsh

In my first post for #FitnessWithVarsh I shared some simple lifestyle changes that you can make for a fitter and healthier you. In this post I’m sharing some crucial workout gear that’ll be a great addition and motivation in your fitness journey.

While I believe that nothing should stop you from going ahead it is advisable to pay heed to the dos and don’ts. Working out is immensely beneficial if done right. However, it can also go horribly wrong for the simplest of reasons and lead to injuries, sometimes irreversible.

Here are my suggestions for some basic workout gear that you should consider investing in:

1. Shoes

Running, walking, gym, hiking, etc. there are sports shoes for every activity. They’re aptly targeted for each one with corresponding changes in the thickness of sole, weight, material, etc. Sports shoes are a crucial investment. I’ll suggest you to go for good branded ones that’ll protect your feet and last long. Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Puma to name a few.

2. Clothing

The right clothes set the right tone for your workout, almost like a uniform for school. They help in getting you in the zone and are important for practical reasons too. Choose comfortable clothing that doesn’t need looking after and doesn’t distract when you sweat. Quick dry apparel is a boon while running and intense workouts. Help yourself to some amazingly stylish fitness wear and get going!

3. Yoga mat

Yoga mat isn’t just for yoga, it signifies a space where you de-stress. It provides a cushion in case your hands or legs slip while performing an asana. The purpose of a yoga mat is to protect your joints like knee, elbow etc. from floor impact when you do floor exercises also. Choose the mat thickness suitable to your activity. Also, remember to use it instead of lying on the floor while cooling down.

4. Water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated during workouts is essential. Heavy exercises like functional training, cardio etc are hard on your body and you may sometimes need an energy boost. Add powders like Glucon D in lesser quantity to your water if need be. Do not gulp down or drink too much water while you’re sweating either. The key is in sipping slowly and frequently.

5. Activity trackers

Almost every other person is tracking their activity nowadays with the help of fitness bands (FitBit, Mi, Samsung, Fastrack) or free apps (Google Fit, Runtastic Steps, Fitbit) . I feel this is a brilliant initiative since they assist in setting and achieving your daily target. Having said that, I would suggest you to not limit yourselves to them or feel demotivated if you miss the mark. New day, new goals!

Exercise refreshes you and anything that helps make this experience better is always welcome. There must be a reason why people are addicted to sweating out, right? What do you think? Please feel free to pour in your thoughts and suggestions. I love them!

This is my second post in the #FitnessWithVarsh series. I’m overwhelmed with the response I got for my first post and am inspired to continue writing. Thank you so much for the love and support!

18 thoughts on “5 Workout Essentials to invest in #FitnessWithVarsh

  1. I have seen your transformation and it’s really inspiring Varsha!! Thanks that you brought up this series ..I am really gonna follow and going to complete my fitness items!!

  2. You have suggested the most important fitness accessories required for a healthy workout.Totally inspired and motivated by seeing your before and after pic.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  3. This is such a great post, Varsha. Right shoes & clothing are so essential for any workout and yes activity trackers are a big help to keep a tab on daily activity.

  4. Its a hi five from my side in these as these are the exact essentials I had invested in a year back when I started my fitness journey.

  5. Oh my God Varsha your fitness transformation is amazing.. Surely I agree on all the pointers but now I want a good activity tracker.

  6. I have recently started working out and was really in an all out shopping mode cause frankly speaking we have a tendency to first buy all the things before even starting the activity. But your 5 essentials list will help a lot of people to save money 😛 and have the right things for their workout.

  7. I used to be so regular with my workouts, Varsha ever since the lockdown began. But it has been almost a month since I did anything. This post is a reminder of sorts. 🙁

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