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5 tips for better Lifestyle and Fitness #FitnessWithVarsh

Lifestyle covers under its wings a wide spectrum of activities that constitute the way we lead our everyday lives and fitness is it’s significant part. It is about how we live and what goes into making our lives the way they are. A good lifestyle is a conscious choice we make for ourselves.

The physical well-being of our body rests on two important pillars; fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It is difficult to achieve one without the other since they’re both closely connected. People often lay emphasis on achieving fitness without realising the need to make corresponding lifestyle changes for it. This patchy solution will sooner or later come off exposing the giant loophole in their plan.

When I set out on my transformation journey almost two years ago, the first change I made was in my lifestyle. Breaking out of my set routine (read laziness) wasn’t easy and I struggled a fair bit initially. The fact that I had two kids who needed me round the clock made matters tricky. After few hiccups though, through which I refused to give up, it was a smooth ride. I can assure you from my experience that it is well worth your effort.

Here are a few lifestyle changes I will suggest for a fitter life:

1. Don’t make quick-fix choices

For permanent lifestyle changes the process must occur gradually. If it shocks your mind or body then there are chances that they’ll both oppose it vehemently. Take one day and one change at a time but make sure that you follow it religiously. Enjoy yourself and don’t stress a lot. Remember that these changes should be sustainable in the long run.

2. Set the right goals

Fitness and weight loss are generally bracketed together which isn’t entirely correct. People tend to make changes for weight loss but once it’s achieved they go back to their earlier unhealthy habits. Lifestyle can and must be changed for reasons more than weight loss. Set the right fitness goals and don’t get complacent once you get there.

3. Make physical activity a habit

Physical activity in any form like walking, jogging, gymming, weight-training, or yoga is good for you. Take at least half an hour everyday to engage in some physical activity or a combination of two or more. If it makes your heart beat faster and makes you sweat then even better. This will not only help your fitness goals but will also make you feel rejuvenated.

4.  Eat healthy

It goes without saying that eating healthy is the bedrock of leading a healthy life. Avoiding junk food that tastes and smells awesome or opting for healthy, local and natural foods is a battle you’ll be forced to get into and win. Once you’ve made the right choice though, the craving won’t bother you much. Allow yourself cheat days but don’t go overboard with indulgence.

5. Sleep well

Bad sleeping habits disturb your entire system. They make you hungry at odd times and interfere with the digestion process. Disconnect from your gadgets half an hour before bedtime and let your mind and body unwind. A rested sleep is crucial to restore and rebuild.

These don’t sound so difficult now, do they? A little effort and loads of patience is all that’s required and it is within our capacity to have both!

This is my first post in the #FitnessWithVarsh series. Over the next few weeks I’ll share tips, my takeaways and titbits from my own transformation experience. Please do join me in and feel free to ask, suggest or share anything you want to. Let us make fitness and a healthy lifestyle more than a new year resolution.

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20 thoughts on “5 tips for better Lifestyle and Fitness #FitnessWithVarsh

  1. Kudod to your weight loss journey, Varsh.

    That’s right. The fact that fitness is subconsciously linked with weight loss all the time is very wrong. And yes, one’s weight loss journey must be sustainable. There’s no point in trying to get to a certain number on the weighing scale by doing things you’d never be able to carry on for your entire life. That’s the reason a majority of the weight losers regain the same unhealthy weight back again after resuming their normal routine.

    It takes conscious efforts to mould ourselves to a certain healthy routine & ensuring that our methods are sustainable is what we must look at.

    Great post & I’m looking forward to more of such posts from you dear.

  2. Great tips, quick fixes don’t work in ling run, I completely agree. Once we opt for healthy lifestyle we must continue it forever, if we can’t sustain it the results will also be reversed. I am going to follow your series 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing these useful lifestyle and fitness tips. I struggle a lot when it comes to bringing lifestyle changes in my life, most of the times it’s related with food, I find it really difficult sometimes to control my cravings.

  4. these days in our busy life we really have to focus on our health and staying fit that is so important ty to share such a useful post sure will be following up.

  5. Your fitness journey is truly inspiring, Varsha. Agree with the pointers you have shared. I struggle a bit to maintain a fitness routine, but need to get my act together. Thanks for the nudge!

  6. Fitness and keeping oneself healthy is of utmodt importance. I have come to know of it the hard way and now with proper lifestyle changes (mostly as mentioned in the post) I find myself fitter and healthier like never before.

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