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500th post: Nostalgia and Musings

When you’re an introvert having a zillion thoughts clawing for attention in your mind and your active imagination doesn’t let you rest unless the words forming inside you are given shape, all the nervous energy makes you miserable. I was in a similar state when blogging happened to me by chance. My life was going through a changing phase and blogging was the branch I held on to, to retain my sanity. I had a lot to say and a blog, well, presented no limits. Win-win!  🙂


Considering that I had no agenda when I started this blog, I would like to think I’ve come a long way. It thrilled me every time I got a new follower or an old friend mentioned that he/she read my blog, enjoyed it and even related to it. Some people were full of compliments on how well I expressed my feelings while some wondered how I managed to veil this writing talent in me all these years.

Shouldn’t I use this milestone post to sift through some old posts and refresh some beautiful memories? I know we invest a part of us in writing every single blogpost, but there are always a few that have some history attached to them. What inspired them, what was our frame of mind while jotting them down, and so on. Happiness, sorrow, longing, humour or prejudice, you will find bits of them in these posts. I’ll be happy if you could spare some time to any or all of them.

The First Chapter (A post on A Jr’s first day at school)

Clutter of fond memories? You decide… (Why do we want to have souvenirs)

Meri Azeez (A poem for my mother, after she left us all)

What the heart wants (Musings about the games our heart plays with us)

Why don’t I go to work? (Why am I an overqualified homemaker when I can be more)

My letter to my 2yo (My letter to my girl when she turned two)

Gulabjamun and woman (Read to know why women and gulabjamuns are similar)

Think before you speak (Fun episode between A and me)

A man thing, or may be not (Rehash of why men don’t feel the need for souvenirs)

It isn’t Valentine’s Day, still <3 🙂 (I like the way this post shaped up and I hold it dear)

Down the line, I made some wonderful blog friends. Some of them made it to Facebook and Twitter, some reached Whatsapp, some were a call away, while some remained a blog address I liked to visit on occasion. Some of them are no longer in the blogging scene and have chosen to keep away. Some appear sparingly but as long as they’re here, it is fun. All in all, I met a lot of interesting and like-minded people through this one window. Great, isn’t it?

It would be unfair to not dedicate this space to the people who make blogging seem like serious fun. These people not only write brilliantly but also are very warm. Read them to know what they’re all about. I’m sure you will like their blogs (Please don’t get skeptical with some of the names. I gave them that! 😀 ).

Hitchy ~ He travels a lot, is a complete foodie, loves cricket and takes exceptionally beautiful pictures. He is lot more than what he seems to be.

Dipika ~ She’s a mommy blogger, motivating, inspiring, sweet, helpful and a friend you can count on. She always brings a smile to my face.

Pinsy ~ Movies, food, musings, and what say you! She writes about everything. It is hard to catch up with her energy and knowledge, one can only try. She’s my ‘rain’ friend. 🙂

Shailaja ~ Remember you felt something and didn’t know how to say it? She will say that for you, and better. Her words have the quality to move you at a deep level.

Radhika ~ Think poetry and you have to think of her. She uses her words beautifully while following every rule of poetry! She shares lovely pictures and always leaves thoughtful comments on my blog.

Sid ~ He’s a cool Dad who writes brilliantly, a Friends lover like me, uses sarcasm subtly but effectively and makes you laugh as well as think hard.

Perfy ~ Stats say that she has the highest number of comments on my blog. Apart from her great writing and fun posts, this is something that makes me like her even more. 🙂

Rekha ~ This girl has the most beautiful collection of flower photos. She has a quirky sense of humour and is ironically very sensible in her mind.

Prakash ~ His posts make me want to read more and more of him. I wait for him to comment on my posts because he has something good to add to them.

Mayuri ~ We’ve interacted more on other platforms than our blogs as of now, but I like her unconventional and innovative choice of topics and be good at everything.

Akhi ~ Trust her to say more with her short posts. Her comment section has a healthy debate going on almost everyday and I love it.

Although I regret not exploiting the opportunities they offered enough, Indiblogger and Blogadda were the two platforms that allowed this blog to reach a much wider audience through their fun activities and blogmeets. I was assured that as long as I had something interesting to say, I didn’t have to worry about whether anyone would read it at all.

I agree that in recognition and statistical terms this blog is probably lagging behind bloggers who have much fewer posts and lot lesser number of blogging years behind them and this disparity must be attributed to my lopsided pattern of posting and of late frequent ‘blogger block(s)’. I wish to change that soon and am working towards it.

All the wonderful people who have stuck around with this blog during these years and 499 posts, I feel deeply grateful and humbled. You are the reason I have faith in my writing. Your kind words keep me going and make me want to come back after every break. Hope you continue reading me, as long as I have something to say.

23 thoughts on “500th post: Nostalgia and Musings

  1. Oh my dear varsha….very very happy to find my name in your list, that too with my short name sweet of you..
    By the way, my hearty congrats on your 500 posts…. that’s s a pretty decent number for a celebration.. so how are we gonna celebrate????

    1. Thank you so much, Akhi. Somehow the short form of your name feels closer. How could I forget you? It is only of late that we haven’t interacted. Else we were regulars at each other’s blogs. 🙂
      Celebrations…anything you say dear.

  2. Congratulations on the 500th post.. What a number. Wowowow.

    It has been great knowing you on the blogosphere always found something to smile at reading the posts.. here’s to many many more milestones.. all the best always…

    1. Same here, Bikram. I’m really glad I bumped into you here. I like your positivity and fun comments. Please be happy and blessed always.

      Big number it is, I agree. Never thought I would reach this. Happy. 🙂

  3. So lovely to read this, Varsha and to have come across you on this blogging journey 🙂 I still haven’t written 500 posts 🙂 So this is an amazing milestone. Kudos to you!

    Thank you so much for the shout out and kind words. May you enjoy blogging for many more years to come. Onward and upward, always 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Shy. 500 is just a number but a huge milestone for me. I now feel I probably write more than talk. 😀

      On days I want to give up or just feel low, yours is one of the blogs I head to and just read. I love your writing. You had to be in the list! 🙂

  4. Super congratulations Varsha, this calls for the party!!!

    500th is so special, loved reading it 🙂 and yes thank you so much for making me a part of your lovely journey.

    Many more such milestones to come – good luck. ????????

    1. I have taken so many breaks yet come back to my blog again. I think we have a silent affair of some kind. 😉 Recalling all that happened in these years was indeed a lovely experience. Took me back in time.

      Thank you so much darling for being around. Hope you stay with me like this. ❤

  5. So we finally meet on your blog, Varsha! And what a treasure trove it is!
    Thank you for the mention, I am touched. Looking forward to reading your posts soon.
    Happy 500th and keep writing!:)

    1. Oh yes, finally we meet and on what occasion! In a way you are now a part of a new journey I’m embarking upon. The next 500 (touchwood) will see lot more of you, I hope.
      Thank you so much for your lovely words, Mayuri. I’m touched.

  6. My oh my! Itni tareef meri maa bhi kabhi nahi karti meri….

    This actually calls for a song and dance routine you know!

    badal jo…
    barse to…
    bheege hum….
    tum na bheege… coz tum to varsha ho! 😛 😛

    Bad I know… really bad! lol

    Keep going girl! I kind of have lost the appetite to blog, but kabhi kabhi kar leta hoon. I am most thankful to the blog world for the wonderful friends like you that I have made.

  7. Hey bhagwan, mere naam ka istemaal aaj tak kisine aise nahi kiya! Lol! ????
    I blog irregularly too but meeting people like you here is sometimes a boon more important than blogging. I’m glad you share your pics. Blog na kar, chal jayega. 😛 😉

  8. Wow – quite a milestone – congraaaaaaaaats! 🙂
    Blogging I think shows you people the way they really are. And that’s why I truly like the people I meet on blogs, rather than on FB or even in real life 🙂
    You, I definitely like! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, dear! The number was unbelievable for me, but then it happened a little over 9 years. 😀
      Same here. People cannot pretend as much on blogs as they do anywhere else. It is such a relief. Unfollow option also helps. 😉
      I definitely like you too! I like our interactions very much. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Varsh, my dear friend, I am so so happy for you. Love your thoughts, your expressions and your frank opinions on matters that are probably otherwise overlooked and so glad that we virtually met and connected too,
    Thank you for that complement, you made my day!
    500 and you have so so far to go. Keep going, V. Will be there to support you (a little late but will always find my way back here).
    Sending you lots of love and wishes!

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