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Aren’t Yoga and Marriage similar to each other?

“Great effort. You’re doing good. Try a bit harder.” *few moments later* “Ok fine, this will do.” After constant nagging by his flexible Yoga buff wife A had finally agreed to do a toe-touch. While the kids cheered (and sniggered) from the sidelines this stiff as a board man took his hands all the way… Read More Aren’t Yoga and Marriage similar to each other?

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500th post: Nostalgia and Musings

When you’re an introvert having a zillion thoughts clawing for attention in your mind and your active imagination doesn’t let you rest unless the words forming inside you are given shape, all the nervous energy makes you miserable. I was in a similar state when blogging happened to me by chance. My life was going… Read More 500th post: Nostalgia and Musings

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55 Non-fiction ~ Celebration

Two special occasions, wonderfully coalesce. Tenth wedding anniversary. Two hundred and fiftieth blog post. Walking down the memory lane. Our loving home. The homecoming feeling. A new family. Extended blog family. A Jr and Angel. Followers, likes and comments. Memories and moments. Priceless conversations. Weaving dreams for future. Jotting the present. Remarkable surrender. Deeply humbling.