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Of creams with holes…umbrellas and more….at this blogmeet!

Umbrella ke liye nahi hai money…sunsunny sunsunny

Umbrella se hamari team bani…sunsunny sunsunny

You’re my pumpkin you’re my honey bunny…sunsunny sunsunny

Now comes a point when its not even funny…sunsunny sunsunny

No. This is not some new commercial released by the Idea people. The Honey Bunny song will supposedly keep the nation dancing on its tunes until someone finds something new and better to entertain us with. This rather odd-sounding and even more odd-meaning anthem is the brain child of some geniuses seriously at work. Belonging to the ‘Sunsunny’ team, they took not more than five minutes to pin it down. Can you believe it!?

And while we’re talking of teams, have you ever played the Throwing balls through the holes in the Umbrella game? It is a real fun thing to do, although not so much when the mean judges don’t tell you that you win only when you play exactly the opposite way. Hmpf! You need to be careful too, since you can get hurt like our teammate, J. The sweet lady that she is she took it very sportingly, but we felt sorry seeing her tending to her red eye.

Also, did you know that a dermatologist gave us a live demonstration on what’s good for our skin and what is not? Do you know that the beautiful Tara Sharma, an avid blogger and a mother of two, faltered a thousand times before saying the word ‘dermatologist’?

I’d enjoy this moment of tormenting you, but the Indiblogger people would seemingly appreciate me saying something nice about the nice show they put up together I guess. Well then, here’s a well-deserved *huge round of applause* to the entire Indiblogger team for the great time we had at the Neutrogena Indiblogger Meet organised at the J W Marriott Hotel, Juhu! Yay! 🙂 🙂

To begin with, yellow umbrellas undoubtedly were the outstanding highlight of the day, literally. They were used for decorating the whole place and in keeping with the purpose of the meet they created a ‘sunny’ look inside the hall! The ones that had holes in them were being used for clicking rather whacky pictures and playing games. Everyone who’d registered was asked to write his name on a cute little yellow paper umbrella, which in turn was the premise of another game for getting to know each other better.

Anup from Indiblogger welcomed everyone while the meet was hosted by Minoti Parikh (apologies for any mistakes!) who came in dressed in a bright yellow evening gown. She kept the entire audience entertained with her witty comments, appropriate body language and expressions.

There was one activity after another, which had all the bloggers running around the entire place, forming teams and competing for more and more gifts! All the calories burnt (if any) were taken care of when Hi Tea was served. With the variety of snacks placed there, I’m sure many of us managed a late lunch.

Well fed and ready for more, we were very excited to see and listen to the lovely yummy Mummy Tara Sharma who also uses Neutrogena. She spoke about her upcoming show on television and shared ideas on how her personal diary transformed into something so engaging and successful and which even inspired a second season. She also reiterated the Neutrogena mantra…. Cleanse. Moisturise. Protect.

Tara Sharma sharing her beauty tips
Tara Sharma sharing her beauty tips

To truly highlight the positive effects of Neutrogena on the skin a dermatologist was called upon who gave a detailed demonstration of how badly UV rays can affect our skin. The Q&A session where the audience actively participated and brought out very logical queries, was quite interesting. The expert handled the questions, well, expertly.

Just when we felt we were done for the day the team got us all break into Harlem Shake, of all things! We had people of all ages, shapes and sizes sway their hips, shake their heads and go totally berserk, while getting filmed! Ouch!! 😀

Last but not the least there were Neutrogena goodies and a wonderful t-shirt for us all to take back home. Take a look at the picture. Cool na 😉

Neutrogena Goodies

All in all, it was a truly refreshing and informative experience. While picking up beauty creams off the shelf we hardly ever give a second thought to how many tall claims they make and how we end up buying umbrellas that are full of holes. Having fought with tan issues for most part of my life and getting grossly expensive treatments done to get rid of it, Neutrogena is like a God-sent thing for me. Our skin deserves all the pampering it can get, and this sure can help bring out the real beauty in us. Right? 🙂

This was my very enjoyable ‘How I Met the Sun’ experience! And in future, I know that I will meet the sun with a lot more confidence and a protected, nourished and beautiful skin! 🙂

No more about Neutrogena products, go visit it’s Facebook page !!

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