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Aashiqui 2: Cause and effects

It is not the first time I’ve seen some movie which had a lasting effect on me and my senses, but yes, it has been quite some time since any such movie came my way. Β Call it my over-emotional nature (also my need to protect myself from unnecessarily dramatic situations) and my inability to detach myself from the story and characters coming alive through any medium involved, I’ve always refrained from falling into the trap of love stories and their makers.Β I’ve always had a slight dislike for OTT romantic and mushy movies, books, serials….anything.

I, hence, surprised myself when I was keen to watch Aashiqui 2. It must be the collective effect of the very melodious songs, the promising promos and the handsome Aditya Roy Kapoor without the mop on his head that tilted the scale in its favour, and I watched it alright.

I loved everything about the movie; the songs, the story, the acting, even the sadness and the gloom. Never mind that I had to sit with a handkerchief to wipe my eyes and nose and had to be cautious not to make sobbing noises, throughout the movie. This must be a rare occasion when I didn’t want to hold A’s hand or even speak a word with him the entire time. Glad A just let me be.

Long after I’d come back I wasn’t my usual self. The images of the shattered Aditya Roy Kapoor and the silently expressive Shraddha Kapoor ran in front of my eyes over and over again. Yes, the movie was dark but I had no idea it would strike such a chord somewhere inside me and make me want to just cry.

My neighbours were baffled when they saw my swollen eyes and puffy face and even more amused when I told them the reason behind it! A was equally clueless since he saw the movie with me and save some scenes where his eyes were moist he was not moved as much. Guess I got too much carried away.

I know its strange. Has such a thing happened with you too?

26 thoughts on “Aashiqui 2: Cause and effects

  1. I have not seen the movie that drowned you. But following movies did make me cry (but nothing like what you have been through!):
    1. Sholay (I was a child. It made me laugh too)
    2. Pyasa Sawan (When the character played by Mausmai dies; lots of beautiflul songs)
    3. Dor (Ayesha Takiya)
    4. My Life (Michael Keaton)
    5. (A Walk to Remember)
    6. Gladiator (My all time favourite)
    Glad you didn’t ask about the throat constrictors. It would run into hundreds!
    PS: I am a tough man! πŸ˜‰

    1. Normally I’m this calm and composed person but art in any form dilutes my self-control big time! I’ve cried a lot through many movies and also carried many in my heart and mind for days after seeing them. This one got added to the list…
      Let me share some movies that made me cry ( and yes…I’m also putting off the throat constrictors for the same reason as you :-))…
      1. Aakhir Kyon….cried like a baby when Smita Patil has to leave her daughter behind and go
      2. Saaheb…for Anil Kapoor’s unbelievable sacrifice for his family
      3. Kabhi Kabhi…my all-time favourite
      4. Rang De Basanti…when all of them die unceremoniously in the end
      And some Hollywood ones…
      1. Gladiator…my all-time favourite too
      2. The Patriot…when Mel Gibson’s son dies

      Long list…..phew :-D:-P

    1. It is made from a loser’s point of view, about how he cares for the girl’s success more than his own. The lead pair has done a sensible job. I didn’t expect much histrionics from them. Guess it can be given a chance…
      Welcome here πŸ™‚

  2. Aashiqui 2 made me cry too much ! I just couldn’t help myself… I consider myself an overly emotional person but the past few days I have been feeling empty and numb but this movie really moved me in so many ways which would be really hard to express it in words. After a long time its happening for a movie…. Gosh I missed feeling this way. Even though its some unexplained sadness and pain from the aftermath of the movie it really feels kind of good to let it all out if you know what I mean. Great movie… Superb acting. I never expected this would be such a touching story… Lovestruck…. Painstruck….Much !

    1. I’m glad someone felt the same way about the movie as me. I thought I was overreacting, but trust me I couldn’t get the movie out of my head for two days. Remembering the same scenes and crying over and over again. πŸ™
      Thanks Anu…welcome here. πŸ™‚

      1. Hello Again ! Dint expect a reply so soon… Thanks for understanding…. Good to know i am not alone when it comes to such stuff… Anyway I got up today morning and felt like crying all over again…. Wow the movie really has such a huge impact on me… Was watching the song Hum Mar Jayeenge and tears came rolling down during the part where Aditya starts singing…. Here I am helpless again ! It couldn’t have had a better ending even though I felt overly terrible about the way it ended. I just cant stop thinking about the movie….It has unleashed the tear gates and I donno how to snap out of it πŸ™ Mixed Emotions πŸ™

        1. Understand again Anu…for this reason I haven’t seen the movie again even though I wanted to. I know I’ll probably go on a second round on crying and I don’t want that.
          Listening to some happy songs will may be help you get out of the gloom? Crying so much isn’t good, you know. πŸ™‚
          I reply as promptly as I can always. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks Varsh ! Its really sweet of u πŸ™‚ But I do know myself and trust me its gonna take some time to not keep thinking about it. Not everyday we come across such movies which can tap into our souls and cause this unexplained emotions. I am sure it ll take some time for me to snap outta it. Lets hope I get back to normal soon. Nice blog by the way ! i’ll be sure to follow you now whenever I get the time. Now chalo u take care ! Cheers πŸ˜€

    1. I haven’t seen it more than once. The one time bombed me out completely. I love to watch the songs though. There isn’t one thing that is wrong with the movie. It celebrates love in an unconventional way.
      Thanks for your comment Vivek and welcome here! πŸ™‚

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