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5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

Not long after New Year revelry starts  waning out Valentine’s Day fever and excitement takes over. This special day celebrates love of and for everyone. It is endearing to have kids scrawl hand-written notes for their parents or watch the elderly dotingly share an indulgent piece of chocolate. Love is in the air and everyone is welcome to bask in its glory.

As with every special occasion gifting is an integral part of Valentine’s Day. Our loved ones expect something genuinely thoughtful from us. Hence the onus of pleasing them falls on our shoulders. I’m sure you must have a fair idea of what to get for your special someone by now. If not, here’s a list of gift ideas that would suit your and their taste alike.

Cards, flowers and chocolates

If you and your partner are the conventional romantic type, nothing demonstrates love like flowers and cards. A bunch of red roses and a “You Complete Me” card would set the tone for your evening perfectly. Something missing? Oh wait, there’s the box of chocolates to keep the sweetness of your relationship alive!


Staycations are gaining immense popularity nowadays. One needn’t travel long distances for them either. Select a place that offers everything from good food and rejuvenating massages to candlelight dinners, and you’re set. You can book yourselves as a couple or send your loved one there using a gift card. They’re convenient, pampering and a great way to say you care.


It is good to go down the beaten path and gift some pretty trinkets to your girl. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces in different metals and set in different stones are hugely popular choices for gifts. Jewellery is not limited to women either. Men would love to shine in stylish cufflinks. You can also get couple rings, signature heart pendants or even a classy set of watches for each other.

Spa visit

Who said one cannot have fun alone on Valentine’s Day? A spa visit is a splendid idea for singles as well as couples. Treat yourself with one if no one else would or send your Valentine on one if he/she would like that. There are couple therapies which you can take together too and enjoy some well-deserved relaxed time.

Personalised gifts

Personally, this is my favourite gift choice. I love preserving memories through photographs. Ever since I got my first camera phone this hobby turned into a passion. I’ve managed to capture both my kids’ childhood in my lens and even today I never shy away from taking their candids. It hence made sense to gift my family a photobook that would put together our special moments.

I got a Hardcover premium matte photobook with 20 photographs of 5.5” made from ZoomIn App. They offered a variety of covers to choose from as well as a choice to add personalised messages. The paper is of premium quality and makes our pictures look even more beautiful. My kids got a pleasant surprise with this and just cannot let go of this lovely piece of family treasure.

You can check out ZoomIn App for personalised gift options. They have calendars, photos, magnets, mugs, bag tags and many other things. You can use my code ‘VARSHA01’ to order a free softcover photobook 20 pages 5.5” as your Valentine’s Day gift too. Hurry now so you can get it on time for the D day!

18 thoughts on “5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift ideas

  1. these are things i used to give my ex boyfriend …. my hubby is too expensive to satisfy… but nice list for the V day!

  2. Such wonderful ideas for V-Day gifting. All husbands should read this. LOL. Staycation and personalised gifts are my favorites. But you know, I personally love gifting more than recieving gifts. So, I will picking up hints from here.

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