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Taking someone out on a date!

Have you ever been on a date? What am I asking,of course you have. Irrespective of how awesome, good, boring, stretched or bad a date went we somehow can never let it fade out of our memory, if only for future reference on whom or where to invest your time. 🙂

Frankly, in my case, the date quota has been quite limited, what with me being a complete tom-boy in college and having settled for an arranged marriage where the fiance lived in a different city. Although post marriage A more than made up for lost time and opportunities, I must confess how inadequate these dates were compared to the other guy I’ve been dating for more than 3 years now.

Remember the scene in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Shahrukh Khan tells Salman Khan that his Anjali is more beautiful than Salman’s because she’s his 8 year old daughter? Well, in the same way, I can safely say that my date is anytime better than A because it is my 3.6 year old son, A Jr. 😀 😀


Believe it or not, going out with A Jr is a lot more exciting and fulfilling than being pampered and looked after on a date myself. I’d heard that motherhood makes one selfless and caring, I seem to have taken it to another level, since on A Jr’s request I simply dress up both of us and head out, A’s presence notwithstanding. 🙂

Though he’s too young for it, and is a guy, A Jr’s idea of going out every time somehow revolves around shopping. Whenever I announce that we’re stepping out,he promptly pops up the question, what are you getting for me? What more, he has specific taste and choices, picks up his own clothes, is very fussy about colours and never settles for anything average. 🙂

He’s amongst the most active kids in play-parks and watching him enjoy himself is surely a delight. He’s a bit dominant at times, and though I advise him to take it easy, guess with age the maturity to handle himself well will come in. His obsession for cars is annoying at times, for every time we pass by a shop the salesmen invite him in with a bright smile and I end up coughing money for toys he doesn’t need. 😛

If I come to calculating seriously, I’ve been on more dates with A Jr than A, with me being home with him ever since he was born. I’ve planned the dates meticulously, picked up my date, gifted him chocolates, bought balloons and books for him, what more even paid for everything myself, but it has been a wonderful experience, to say the least! 🙂

Jealous?? I hope not! 😉 😉

6 thoughts on “Taking someone out on a date!

  1. Ha ha. Loved your other date. Looks like you are having a serious affair going here. Hope A is not the jealous type. 🙂 Btw., your BF is definitely dashing and charming and soon you will have to cope with envy of the ‘other’ kind 😀

    1. Haha…you’ve witnessed the charm oozing out of my BF right? 🙂
      He’s definitely the one to attract attention wherever he goes, guess I’ll have to be ok with it. 😉
      A’s not jealous, in fact he’s happy he’s saved from his wife’s nagging on being taken out. 😛

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