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My Beauty Secret :)

She invited me in with a warm and welcoming smile. She looked at me as if I’d been missed there a lot and it showed. She demonstrated real concern over my long absences and almost questioned my neglect. Since I’d called in advance she was ready with a list of stuff I’d undeniably need to get done. She was a friend everyone would want to have. She was my life-saver, my rescuer. She was my beautician. 😀

Every single time I pay a visit to this just-around-the-corner parlour I get a feeling that I’ve undoubtedly become uglier than before and even a day’s delay would’ve worsened it further had I not finally decided to park my lazy self in there. 🙁 The lady certainly has learned all the ropes of the business very well, what with all the cajoling and sweet-talking even while burning a hole in the pocket of her clients.

Every place has its own charm and existence and a beauty parlour is no exception. The distinctive smell of creams and lotions, the noise of hair-dryers and scissors nipping unwanted tresses, the stack of fashion and film magazines strewn all over, the helping and trainee girls chitchatting amongst themselves, the endless and necessary gossiping of ladies etc are just some of the characteristics that make all parlours, no matter where they are or whom they cater to, as one single defined entity. 🙂

I personally find their way of going about their business very passive aggressive, with the best part being that they actually convince you to choose a therapy of their choice, no matter what you decidedly came for. Only yesterday, two ladies came in just few minutes after me. They wanted a facial done for a wedding in their family. The lady who was busy working on my face requested them to wait awhile and used that spare time to recommend some great options. I was rather amused at how persuading she was and how successfully she managed to make both of them go for a 1000 bucks facial, even when they had not come prepared for it. Flexible payment options she said I think. 😛

As far as I’m concerned, yes the visit was long pending and I’m glad I got all prepped up for A’s cousin’s wedding. I’m not one of her regulars and she despises me a bit for it I think. Why rely only on them when you can go for easier non-expensive home remedies, right? She hasn’t managed to influence me yet, that’s why she keeps trying even more. 😀

Well, like they say, love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. Here, it’s more of a necessity since one needs to be cleaned up and pampered at all times,isn’t it?

So YAY for them! 😀 😀

4 thoughts on “My Beauty Secret :)

  1. I second that. They make you feel so stupid and vulnerable. I have also learnt the ropes. I never let her/him give a single additional service than what I have gone there for. however necessary it might be for my physical appearance. 😀 Later on I keep wondering if they were trying to dupe me or did I really need some pepping up, but then I at least don’t have a hole in my pocket. 🙂

    1. Unsolicited advice huh G? 😉
      Yeah…fine she does a good job and all…but the way she was after my life…God!!
      She kept asking me…what’s your age…what’s your skin ritual…and blah blah blah
      I’d to get a bit rude then…I told her that I’ve more important things to do than visiting her every month. Chup kara diya usko 😛

  2. yahoo tomorrow is my turn to face this but thankfully my parlor aunty doesn’t try to convince me for anything..I think she is an exception or she thinks I’m a gone case any way so why waste time on me ? 😉

    whereas my hair dresser [yes for hair cut I got to other parlor] keeps telling me new things every single time I go there [usually every six months] and every time I return triumphant 🙂 *self patting on back* 🙂

    so all set for the wedding han? have fun 😀

    1. This lady sure tests my patience….imagine me shutting up my mouth for almost the entire time I’m there…just to avoid giving her a piece of my mind 😉 😀
      I go to a different parlour for hair-cut too…and as against your case…I’m never bothered there…I just give a brief and they do their job 😀
      See…one way or the other…these people do drive us crazy 😛

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