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Learning Never Stops

My inquisitive Dad asked me one day, “What is this Facebook thing?”

Knowing his paltry inclination towards technology and the idea of ‘keeping in touch’ with anyone through the internet quite indigestible and puzzling for him (He’s the old-school type; if you remember someone you just pick up the phone and call!), I explained it to him with as little fuss and as much clarity as possible.

Once updated, he wasn’t keen on opening a Facebook account, but I did manage to convince him to upgrade his old Nokia to a smartphone and get data connection on it. The clincher being pictures of A Jr and Angel that I promised to send them everyday, if they (He and Mom) got Whatsapp; which they did. Grandparents! 🙂 🙂 😍

The hands that taught me how to hold a pencil, scribble and pointed at words so I learned to read them are now struggling and succeeding in finding their way through the maze of apps on the phone. He’s used to taking pictures with his Kodak camera, but now as soon as he sees Angel he goes click-click on his phone and captures every single expression on her face like a professional.

In Mom’s absence he gets lonely at times, so he made my brother teach him how to handle a laptop since there’s a spare one kept at home. He grasped the operations quickly and has become quite a buff now. He uses it for office work, watching movies and sitcoms, or sometimes just to play games.

Me, I’m a bag of mixed emotions. On one side there’s A Jr – a curious child ready to learn and imbibe whatever piece of knowledge he comes across and on the other side there’s my Dad who has seen and known everything, yet ready to go the extra mile to keep himself abreast with the world of today. Its true. Learning never stops.

44 thoughts on “Learning Never Stops

        1. Ah! Wonder why you feel so. The good thing is that its never too late to make amends. Be good now. They’ll be just as delighted. ????????

          1. Parents are like that. I’m glad you felt like talking to them after reading the post. I’m missing my Mom a lot now. ????

          2. you know i never told but i often read the poem you wrote for you Mom several posts earlier…just wasnt able to bring myself to comment on that…thats so soul stirring..

          3. You do? I cried the entire time I wrote it and then again I cried a lot while reading it. There’s just so much I wish I could’ve said to her. Dad’s there, but the things Mom understands, no one else can.

  1. Yes.. learning never stops..I am waiting for me to get very old maybe by then flying cars will be common and I can learn that.????????

    Reminds me when we got my dad his first phone years back I would get 5 txt mesaages early morning

    And he would say this is expensive.. took long to explain he can write lines of text before pressing send..????????

  2. I completely identify with what you are saying. I remember a line from a Premchand story we read in school which had an opening line which translated to “Old age is often the return of childhood”.

    1. How true. I hope when I get older my inclination towards learning remains the same too. I have deep respect for people who don’t think they’ve grown too old to learn.
      Thanks for your comment. ☺

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