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Amazing kitchen and home décor ideas for your home at Exclusivelane

Do you get bored of seeing and using the same things day after day? You can find no plausible excuse to trade them and they haven’t exhausted their utility, yet you wish you could do away with them. At least for a while, if not completely. I’m guilty of hoarding for sentimental, reserve, and practical reasons but can still never have enough of anything. Home décor and kitchen décor items top this list (ok, after my wardrobe but that doesn’t count!). Put the tableware in my crockery unit and the numerous stashed boxes together and I could probably feed a small army!

Decorating your home is always a wonderful feeling and when it’s your personal space it becomes even more special. The other day I was looking online for new frames and planters to spruce up my study on this website called Exclusivelane. I have shopped with them earlier and knew that their home décor collection is amazing. While the job at hand was done within a few minutes, I digressed to their kitchen collection and sure enough, I was hooked.

Serveware including platters, dinner plates and bowls to beautiful metal cutlery, storage containers, coasters, coffee mugs and lots more caught my attention right away. Colourful hand-painted designs in Moroccan, Warli, and Mughal art to old-fashioned Ceramic pickle jars, and wooden salt and pepper shakers, there’s a lot to pander to your eclectic taste. However, my eyes were instantly set on something else.

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I’m a chai lover and anyone worth their teacup would know how kulhad wali chai is our sinful indulgence. Ask us our fondest chai memory and it would invariably involve a roadside tea-stall, rains, and chai served in mitti wale kulhad. While the best cuppa at home can never bring the same taste or feeling, I found the perfect way to meet that memory halfway. What’s more, it is a gorgeous addition to my home décor and has ogle-worthy elegance to it.

These beautiful handcrafted ‘Daawat-e-Taj’ kulhads are part of a collection inspired by the Taj Mahal. They have motifs of Taj Mahal and portraits of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal amidst beautiful floral art representing the lush green gardens surrounding it. Just like the monument, the exquisite pieces in this collection against a white backdrop depict the symbol of love it stands for. Don’t they make you fall in love with them at first sight?

They’re dishwasher and microwave safe which makes them a preferred option in our sophisticated kitchens. Also, the print won’t fade away with use either. Wouldn’t they make the perfect housewarming gift or be the next talking point of your kitty?

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My next pick was something that would most certainly be the centerpiece of my Mom’s kitchen. A handcrafted square spice box, Nine Blends, made with sheesham wood, complete with a glass lid for convenience and a wooden spoon. A classy ‘masala dabba’ if you will, it lends a certain richness to your kitchen with its lovely natural brown wood and delicate finish. From everyday stuff to spice storage, it can be used to store, preserve or flaunt. Not necessarily in that order.

There are other attractive designs in this collection that you can check out for yourself. If nostalgia had a face, this spice box would come close to it, wouldn’t it?  Love for grace and the lingering fragrance of homemade food is lovingly fused in it. I can possibly use it for home décor and serve mukhwaas in it as well, right? Nothing like turning others green with envy and smiling while they’re at it!

Every small thing that makes our home a home gives an insight into our personality and taste. People strive to display their travel memoirs and collectibles in style to subtly give themselves away. The home décor items on Exclusivelane blend ethnic art with modern technology to make our home and life prettier than before. Check it out for yourself and thank me later.

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24 thoughts on “Amazing kitchen and home décor ideas for your home at Exclusivelane

  1. I do agree how decoration is a wonderful thing. i am very much happy to read your post as I am to much involved in decoration pieces. This online platform will for sure help me out to choose perfect pieces for my rooms and my work desk

  2. I am quite enjoying exploring all Exclusive Lane has to offer. Thanks for sharing about it. Those kulhads look really interesting. Quite a name too. Stoneware would mean they would be a bit heavy though. Was expecting them to be clay.

  3. I love the kulhads you have posted. I am checking out the online shop of Exclusivelane. I love shopping for kitchen items and unique home decorative pieces and I am sure I will find it out there. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Wow, Kulhad with Taj Mahal Motif look beautiful. Pictures of that Kulhad was 😍😍 I really like cause they are dishwasher friendly. I would definitely going to purchase it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I really liked what i ordered from eexclusive lane./The best thig is they are encouraging traditional arts and crafts.The artisans are fin ally getting a market.I also believe in sustainable living and these products are all eco-friendly.

  6. Exclusive Lane is one such store where you will get creative , vibrant and artistic products to glam up kitchen needs. Each and every item here is unique and handmade. I too have that spice box and the product is so good that its easy to express it. I am a complete fan of this store and going to buy few more items from this store soon.

  7. I always like picking up unique home decor items. I checked Exclusive Lane and really like their collection. I will surely be buying something from them when I am looking for gift items.

  8. I am a chai lover and the kulhads available at Exclusive Lane look amazingly beautiful to not have. The masala box for once I thought was a watch/jewelry organiser, such beautiful products that have such finesse. The site surely needs to be checked by me.

  9. Home decor is one thing I’ve grew-up with as my mom is an avid fan of keeping our home with great decor. Appreciate you sharing ExclusiveLane where we can find great stuff for home decor. For me, decorating your home is an extension of your personality. It’s a great way to express who you are and how you want to live your life.

  10. “ Colourful hand-painted designs in Moroccan, Warli, and Mughal art to old-fashioned Ceramic pickle jars…” I am guessing the place is full of eye candy.

    Thank you for the virtual visit to Exclusive lane, I would have never checked it out if it wasn’t for your post.

  11. It’s great to hear that you had a wonderful experience decorating your home with Exclusivelane’s home décor collection. It’s always a satisfying feeling when we can add a personal touch to our living space. The way you described your experience with Exclusivelane’s kitchen collection makes it clear that they offer a wide range of choices to cater to different tastes.
    It sounds like Exclusivelane is a great place to shop for home décor and kitchen items. Your positive experience may encourage me to give them a try as well. Will check this out for sure.

  12. Woow I loved the items of Exclusive Lane. They are really amazing and I can gift them to anyone on any occasion. I would love to check their products for sure.

  13. I have some kulhads but in plain brown. Ans eevyrtime I serve tea to my guests, they are like looks so different than the regular cups. I also use them to serve thandhai or paan shots. I am going to get eh price box this time.

  14. Home decor now is so much about showcasing your individuality and not serving a function. I do like the products features here so I am going to explore the Exclusivelane website to check out more products.

  15. I believe, I had checked their website few months ago and loved the collection. indeed, they had great quality home decor items for instantly uplifting the house look. will share about this website with brother. I am sure, he will love to buy some items from there.

  16. ExclusiveLane has been my one stop destination when it comes to gifting elegant pieces that add color and uniqueness in your kitchen. Having purchased a lot of stuff for my kitchen too, I can vouch for these artisanal products that are hand-made and authentic. The newest kullhad collection seems to be very beautiful. Shall get them the next time I am in India. Also, I love that masala dabba!

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