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5 helpful tips to follow while decorating your new home

Standing in front of a leather sofa that looked chic and inviting but appeared slightly bigger for the area I was setting it up in, the somersaulting confused thoughts in my mind craved for a break. Sadly, the ‘you cannot have everything every time but there’s no harm in trying’ logic doesn’t work when it comes to home décor. With slapdash planning we might get wound up with stuff that burnt a big hole in our pocket and doesn’t even serve its purpose.

As I shared with you earlier, we’re now in the second leg of our new home decoration spree. While the prospect of finally picking up that glitzy lamp to hang over our dinner table and experimenting with fluorescent shades for curtains sounds exciting, the struggle that went into living out my imagination prompted me to share a few tidbits I learnt in this tedious yet rewarding process.

Study the layout well

This cannot be stressed enough. Furniture should always leave enough space to move around in the house. Like my perplexity in the opening sentence, it might need some compromise but will be well worth it. You don’t want to unintentionally bump into some chair or desk your entire life, do you?

Quality comes first

We try at least ten different pens before we find one of our choice, don’t we? Buying furniture is ten times more complicated, merely for the amount of investment and thought that goes into it. If you cut corners while buying then you’ll probably need to spend more later in servicing and maintaining it. Keep this in mind.

Don’t follow trends blindly

Personally, I don’t follow trends and find them exhausting to keep up with. Essentially, more often than not they aren’t even our choice. The perils of getting stuck with expensive stuff that faces the dread of extinction faster and easier than the dinosaurs can be heartbreaking. Follow your heart for it is always right.

Experiment with caution

Running our fingers dreamily through those glossy magazines fills our eyes with stars, doesn’t it? The too-good-to-be-true images send us in a frenzy almost instantly. However, don’t ignore the fact that how much of it can be translated into reality (or not) is a different story. It is easier seen than done. Make sure you think hard and well before going ahead with anything drastic.

Signature touch

Right from your nameplate every single thing in your home is keenly observed by your visitors. Your job is easily delegated if you can afford a decorator but if you’re doing up your home yourself then try to put your mark wherever you can. Paintings, cushion covers, cutlery or even the shades of your wall speak volumes about your taste and style. This is your perfect chance to make a good first impression!

I hope you find these simple tips useful. As I write this the painter is doing up our bedroom walls with the Saffron Smile shade I had sagaciously chosen after much deliberation. Yellow was somehow always my colour of choice for my bedroom. 🙂

For a woman her home is an extension of her personality and deserves extra care and attention. We can muse about these things all day long, I tell you! Agree? 🙂

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19 thoughts on “5 helpful tips to follow while decorating your new home

  1. Very honest points you have mentioned. We most of the times fall for the things that appear in the magazines and display without thinking how it would look in our adobe. Lighting and many other things play an important role in beautifying our home.

  2. Those are such a useful tips on how to decorate new home. I will definitely share this to my cousin who wants to renovate their house.

  3. Very informative and useful post. Thank you for bringing these pertinent points to our notice. Especially the part where you highlighted studying the layout and not being swayed by the trends – very useful and practical advice. Keep writing 🙂

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