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Unique Kitchen Collectibles that flaunt your style

Style is something that speaks volumes about you without a word being said. Everything from your clothes, your attitude to your home carries subtle ways of expressing your personal and unique taste. Little wonder then that fashion and home décor brands fall over each other to offer the most exquisite pieces of art that are sure to grab eyeballs. Personally, being a food blogger I love investing in kitchen collectibles that enhance my food pictures and make them perfect exhibits too.

My kitchen is my turf and everything about it has my personal signature on it. If we compare a kitchen to a person kitchen décor is that well-groomed first impression that you subconsciously make. A person with an eye for detail will never miss it!

Salt and pepper dispensers


Dining tables are strategically placed at the most visible location in our homes. They’re about food, company, and lots of conversations. From tiny indoor plants to vintage candle holders, dining tables are adorned with care. However, when it comes to utility salt and pepper dispensers can never be dispensed with. They’re available in a wide variety of materials and designs too so you can pick and choose your style. Quirky, contemporary and cute ones obviously catch everyone’s attention.

Fridge magnets and figurines


figurine_avibrantpaletteFridge magnets and figurines are like accessories; you wouldn’t notice their absence and can’t ignore their presence. Sticky notes, diet and kids’ lunch box charts or emergency phone numbers, a fridge door is crammed with everything. Despite that, fridge magnets manage to command a dedicated space of their own. Travel souvenirs, funny quotes or personalised magnets are the most popular ones. Also, cute figurines like the fat chef are perfect kitchen collectibles that you can flaunt in your crockery unit.

Vintage jarsvintage_avibrantpalette

What goes around comes around. Vintage jars are a brilliant way to vicariously enjoy the regal culture of the days of yore. Not to mention they lend a delicate elegance to your kitchen. We can only be mesmerised looking at the gorgeous prints and designs they come in. Chinese vintage jars have long fascinated the entire world and have been a part of our Grandma’s kitchen collectibles too. My favourites though are silver and copper jars and utensils that were commonly used in ancient India. Every piece is a work of art!

Designer cutlery


While steel, glass and wood rule the roost when it comes to cutlery, one cannot forego the luxury gold and silver cutlery impart. Fine dining is often associated with the extravagance that’s emphasized with a lovely ambience and exquisite crockery and cutlery. You can have the same lavish experience at home by getting your hands on designer cutlery that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well. Don’t wait to take them out on special occasions only, pamper yourself any day!

I’m certain that all you style divas out there are nodding your head in agreement right now. When art beckons, we have to respond to its call, right? Which one of these kitchen collectibles makes you go weak in the knees? Are there more you would like to add to this list? Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Moderndiningtables, Exclusivelane

19 thoughts on “Unique Kitchen Collectibles that flaunt your style

  1. Those owl salt and pepper shares are the cutest. And I adore fridge magnets. These days you get such pretty witty ones. Not sure I’m one for silver and gold cutlery, though those forks and spoons with embossed handles do look gorgeous.

  2. These days, salt and pepper shakers come in variety. I have it in watermelon slice shape. Looking at your pictures reminds me when I gifted one set to my friends and it had burger and corn in a set and she just loved them. I like copper and brass collection as well..

  3. Wow I love them all and I agree we should not wait to use them for only special occasions but use them for self pampering too. Loved fridge magnet so much. I m looking for these since so many days but couldn’t find good option. Your post is tempting me to do heavy shopping soon.

  4. I love those vintage jars.. They are now in my shopping list. I like wooden stuff and earthen pots are something I would like to have even though it is difficult to maintain but I love the auroma it leaves.

  5. I love to shop for kitchen a lot…as in even if I have something n I see a better version, I want to and most of the times I do buy it again. And some of my grandmothers time of vintage bone China Crockery I got and they are also so amazing. I love to use sme really nice stuff for my kitchen

  6. Wow! I love all of these. That owl set is so beautiful. I don’t purchase many things for decoration but these are so pretty. Will add the extra flavour to the kitchen.

  7. Omg these vintage collectibles look so good. I am tempted to get some of these for my house. Will check the stores to get some for sure. Copper pots are good for health too.

  8. This table mats are so unique I just loved the design infact I love collecting fridge magnets also. I have some good collection. Its good to add such decoratives in your kitchen space.

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