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Why I Write


It’d be wrong if I said that I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved writing only after I started blogging. Even as a school kid writing was something I always enjoyed. I never felt wary of having to write an essay or a letter and never got tired of collecting ideas and developing my vocabulary for them. It was indeed a bonus when my teachers applauded my writing in front of the whole class sometimes. It gave me a lot of confidence.

To add a personal touch to the cards I gave to my friends and relatives on any occasion I loved to add a couple of lines I jotted down for them myself. I always found it easy to emote and convey my feelings through the written word. I was glad that writing gave me a way to express myself, something I never was very good at in reality. I always preferred writing to talking, simply to be more clear and precise.

Sadly, as time went by writing took a back-seat. Machines and numbers became more important and the writer inside me felt suffocated. The time that should’ve been utilised in creating something meaningful went in fathoming silly equations and ratios. All those poems that kept forming inside me remained unwritten, until one day their ink dried up. I confess the realisation that I wasn’t able to write anymore was harsh and painful.

There was a lot I’d gone through before blogging happened. I’d married and also become a mother. My career had taken off and suffered an early retirement. I had the responsibility of a baby, with no help and no friends. I was coping up with the frustration of not having a job, even though it was done voluntarily. I was feeling like my life was going down the spiral, very fast. Just then, blogging came to me like a blessing in disguise.

I’ve always been very fond of reading. Investing time in reading, according to me, gives returns over a long period of time. Reading blogs was a very novel and different experience for me. Not only did it give my thinking a different direction, but also encouraged me to contribute something from my side. Some wonderful, some average and some disappointing, there were all kinds of blogs to see and learn from. Writing, like a long-lost ally, came back to me and this time to keep me company forever.

What I liked, and still do, about blogging is the freedom it offers us. I can flaunt without caring, crib without being judged and rant without being stopped. I can talk as much as I want and don’t need someone to listen to me always. I don’t need to be self-conscious or coy. I can share things here that are difficult to share with anyone else otherwise. The real me, who usually stays hidden behind a tough exterior, can come out here without the fear of being hurt.

The thing about writing is that it can never be dishonest. Now, here I’m not talking about journalists or interviews or those bloggers who write only for others. People like me who write just for the joy of it and who’d rather make genuine blog friends than simply collect more followers, take our craft and blog quite seriously. There are times when my blog’s been dormant for a long time, but it’s also true that it’s always because of some reason beyond my control.

Some things however are best done the conventional way. I believe that a personally hand-written note still goes a long way. I’m still a sucker for greeting cards than e-greetings and love to make cards for people I really care for. I’ve just appeared for exams where there was a whole lot of theory, and it was nice to know that I don’t mind writing even now. Typing doesn’t have the same charm.

I’ve been told many times to try and take writing professionally. I never did take that advice for two reasons: firstly, I don’t think I’m that good, and secondly, writing is better off as a hobby to me. Currently this is the only place where I write what comes to my mind and what my heart says. I mentioned sometime back on my blog that I want to make my blog a positive place for me. This blog is what I come to when I want to see and read what good things my life’s made of. The wonderful people that I’ve met through my blog are almost like a part of my life now. They know the nuances of my character better than many people, is what I feel.

I’m glad I took Pinsy’s advice and took up this prompt. This is in response to the The Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop # 80 on Corinne’s blog.

Thanks Corinne for being such a wonderful motivator! Loved doing this. 🙂

Write Tribe Prompt

30 thoughts on “Why I Write

    1. And see… it just is lovely to just write, pen down and on the blog make friends… love coming your way, Varsh 🙂 mwaaaaahs

      1. Yesss… is just lovely to write. I started off with absolutely no ideas and yet ended up writing such a long post! 😛
        You’re such a sweetheart Pinsy…..muaaaaahs :):)

  1. Writing is really good therapy, and soon it becomes an addiction. Just like photographers walk around carrying cameras on their shoulders waiting for a perfect shot, I carry a small notebook and a pen, always. I need to jot down a passing thought, an observation. It can be so obsessive

    1. You’ve given me a good idea. Many a times it happens that I think of something and don’t jot it down immediately, which obviously means kissing it goodbye forever. 🙁
      Thanks for taking time out to go through my post. Hope to see more of you. Welcome here. 🙂

  2. teacher appreciating scene happened with me too 😛 and I too make hand made cards or write personal poems and messages
    Am glad u r getting time to write now. Keep up the efforts
    good luck

    1. Appreciation is the biggest motivation, isn’t it? 🙂
      Sometimes you need people to tell you that you’re doing a good job. Just knowing it isn’t enough…
      Good we share something…I like to give a personal touch to cards and stuff so people can relate to them better.
      Thanks for your comment. Welcome here. 🙂

  3. this is such a brilliantly well put post and something that a lot of sabbatical taken moms would relate to. The whole concept of writing in cards for friends is so sweet (I still do it:) ) lovely!


    1. I’ve seen your comments on some blogs and I must tell you I really like the way you summarise your replies. They’re well written and precise.
      Sabbatical can drive people crazy re…like it did to me. Glad I found something that was in retrospect a brilliant investment of time and creativity. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. Welcome here. 🙂

    1. Soul satisfying. How true. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Suzy…it is such an interesting prompt…many great posts have come from it. 🙂

  4. My love for writing began during my school days also. Though it used to be in my diary then, and on MS Word now, the love has not changed 🙂 Still feel that happiness after I put some thoughts on to paper (or Word).

    1. I always tried to write a diary, but never came down to doing it. The one I do have has poems and articles and stuff only…
      True….paper or Word…as long as it comes from the heart the medium doesn’t matter.
      Thanks for your comment. Welcome here. 🙂

  5. I believe that a personally hand-written note still goes a long way. I’m still a sucker for greeting cards than e-greetings and love to make cards for people I really care for.

    Ditto. I love to make cards (even with most incorrigible handwriting and a creativity of chimpanzee)

    1. It is much more personal to make a quick call or send a handwritten message or card, isn’t it? If the person matters this isn’t much trouble.

  6. Reblogged this on A Vibrant Palette and commented:

    More than 400 posts on my blog, but many of them haven’t yet been discovered by many. Going back to where and how it all began is the best way to begin it, right? 🙂
    Read on for some heartfelt writing trivia..

  7. You write and you write well, Varsha! You need to put up links to your older posts so that they will be read for not always do people have the time to get back that far. I too would cheer you on to take up writing professionally. All the very best for more!

    1. Ah, Perfy! You are so sweet. I feel I should do it once in a while, reposting older ones, so I get to refresh my memory too about how much my thoughts have changed over time.
      Professional, hope I can do something concrete there. Thank you. How’ve you been? I’m so sorry I haven’t been around much and not reading blogs either. 🙁

      1. Hey Varsha. I am good! Yes you must refresh us and yourself with older posts.
        I too try balancing my passion for writing with my otherwise ‘normal’ life. So no worries, take your time. If I need you to read or take your opinion will leave a link for sure.
        Take care n Enjoy!

        1. Walk down the memory lane…hmmm. Interesting it sounds. Will do that.

          Our story is the same. I’m proud of us for not giving up on our passion. Sure, do that dear, just in case.

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