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Reasons Why You Should Read ‘I Am Divine, So Are You’ by Jerry Johnson

Do you want to read the book on gender and equality-oriented culture? Do you want to prominently read the book on ongoing matters? If yes, then this article gives you the same information based on your interest. In this article, we are going to tell you the information about the book named the  I am divine, so are youIt is a very expressive story for the youth who are openly LGBTQ, and it is difficult for the people of the past generations to accept the culture on the micro and macro levels.

Overview of the Book

In 2015, a historic panel discussion occurred at the global festival of theology. The main aim of writing this book is to examine the sacred texts of the Brahman faiths that have appeared to say about sexuality by bringing together the aspects of the karmic faiths that together account for almost a third of the world population.

This book expands the conversation that takes place between human sexuality and world religions to a broad level. The theology of the karmic faiths revealed in this book reveals the intersection of scripture, rituals, culture, and lived realities.

The story of the book more easily recognizes and fluidly acceptance in human sexuality. It is a landmark book from the recasting religion, especially for the Karmic faiths, and not an adversary of emancipation, and it informs the legal and secular movements for LGBTQ rights across the world.

Variations between the cultures

Sexuality and morality have greatly changed over time and between cultures. Sexual norms in society and sexual conduct standards are linked to religious beliefs with social and environmental conditions. In this book, the authors have introduced the animating principles of the majority of the karmic faiths related to sexuality. The various religions in the karmic faith share common roots.

The religions in the holy scriptures contain the ideas, stories, and narratives of the different sexual orientations and gender identities.

The story of the sexual orientation in this book

Gender identity and sexual orientation are the two different aspects of sex and gender. In simple words, it is biological, whereas, in other words, it is societal. The meaning of sexual orientation is the romantic indulgence towards other people that ranges from homosexuality to heterosexuality. The identity of the gender is the one sense of the self as a woman, transgender, or a man that may be different from the biological sex.

With the introduction of secularism and doctrine and keeping the faith away from economics, politics, and identity. There have been escalating instances of societal issues such as queerphobia, which is considered as the explicit and implicit hostility towards LGBTQ people.


This article acts as a review of one of the books named I am divine, so are you. As you read all the details of this book, you will realize that the fundaments of the equality principles are not only the features of the karmic faiths but also a celebration of diversity.

This book gives the strains a belief that affirms the dignity of queer expression and inspires a sense of identity that is authentic and liberated from illusionary and social constructions.

What do you know after reading the information in this book? If you have some suggestions related to the post, then drop your suggestions in the comments section.

*This is a collaboration post. Readers are requested to exercise their own judgement and understanding in following the information given. 

6 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Read ‘I Am Divine, So Are You’ by Jerry Johnson

  1. This is such an interesting book as per your review. Would like to know more. In ancient India, there was an acceptance to homosexuality. We can find stories on transgender sexuality or gender fluidity. However, nice topic.

  2. Devdutt patnayak has an immense in depth knowledge when it comes to culture, religion and shashtra. He always comes up with completely different perspective in his books and that’s always worth a read. Will grab my copy soon.

  3. The definition of equality has to be understood from it’s roots and what a better way to know through the past and history lessons. Good that author captured the topics very well and relatable.

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