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The message in the bottle #BlogchatterBlogHop

Jenny was livid. The glass bottle lay abandoned on the floor, its wooden cork misplaced in the melee. She rolled the already crumpled note into a ball and tossed it across the room. Her mother tried to calm her down but to no avail. How could she have not seen it? Peter, her twin brother, was evil incarnate and would stop at nothing to torment her.

She had been strolling on the beach that morning after a heated argument at home. On days like this, she felt lucky for the respite their beach house provided. She had told on Peter’s fake exam report and he was now grounded for a week. Ever the bully, his eyes rained daggers sending a chill down her spine and she had hastily retreated to the sea.

Oh, how happy she had been to spot that bottle, with a note inside it no less! As an introvert with an appetite for all things magic, it seemed like a secret message from the universe. Her mind raced vigorously even as she ran towards it, picked it up, and uncorked it. Who wrote it and for whom? Was someone lost and trying to reach out? Was she destined to find it?

Her hands unsteady with excitement, she took a while to get the note out. When she opened it though, it all fizzled out like a can of flat soda. Scribbled across it in Peter’s handwriting were the words, “Trying to be meanie? Whiny Jenny. Ha Ha Ha” signed with a skull face. Befuddled, she went through it over and over again. Wasn’t he grounded? How did he get out and do it?

Peter whistled intently from a distance breaking her train of thought. She looked up to find him teasingly brandishing a key in his hand and making a run for it. Within moments she was after him, the bottle in one hand and the note in the other. Her hopes and dreams of a magical experience crushed beyond repair. She felt so many things at once that no words came out.

As she reached home Peter was nowhere in sight and her anger refused to subside. Furious she thought, life isn’t a fairy tale to send us secret messages and dropped the bottle on the floor.

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11 thoughts on “The message in the bottle #BlogchatterBlogHop

  1. It reminds me of siblings fights. Reality is far from magic. Liked the way you penned this story. But I so wish that we should have some magic in our lives to make our life more exciting.

  2. What a wonderful story and the message of life isn’t a fairy tale was simply superb. The flow of the story keeps you hooked to it till the end. I will join you guys in the blogchatter bloghop soon. As the prompts are very interesting.

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