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Review: Natural Skincare with Deyga Summer Hydration Combo

Our lifestyle choices largely determine the quality of our life. Right from the food we eat to the products that find a place in our homes, everything must be chosen with great care. Products that are safe, hygienic, and free from a barrage of chemicals deserve prominence over popular cheaper options, anytime. Personally, I lay special emphasis on consuming fresh local produce and opting for natural skincare brands that nourish us from within.

Hence, I was excited when requested to review Deyga’s Summer Hydration Combo. Deyga creates natural and organic products for skincare, haircare, baby care, and a lot more. Sustainable and cruelty-free, they’re handcrafted with love, rely on traditional methods, and contain 100% pure ingredients. I received Deyga Sun Screen with SPF-30 and Deyga Aloevera Gel and have been using them for around two weeks now. This is my honest review.

Review Natural Skincare with Deyga Summer Hydration Combo_AVIBRANTPALETTE

Deyga Sun Screen SPF-30 UVA I UVB

Product Details: It is a light, nourishing natural skincare formula that offers UV protection and reduces sunspots and skin damage.

Ingredients: Raspberry seed oil, sunflower oil, carrot seed oil, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax.

Directions for use: Take some amount of sun screen on your palm and apply at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.

My experience:

Deyga sun screen comes in a sturdy tub with a secure lid. It is a thick, creamy formula with no fragrance. Also, it clearly mentions the ingredients for our reference.

  • I liked the basic, no-frills product packaging. The tub can be renovated beautifully after running out and I already have ideas.
  • The sun screen is dense and even with little quantity can cover a large area. I mixed it with some moisturiser before applying and it worked well for me.
  • I haven’t developed any suntan of late so the UV protection is indeed effective as promised.
  • Additionally, one can skip applying layers of makeup since it provides a good base.
  • I did sweat after applying it but that can be attributed to Mumbai’s humid weather.

It does not contain added colours or preservatives and is safe for children over 3 years of age. Suitable for sensitive and oily skin. It’s slightly overpriced but lasts longer too. All in all, it gets a big heads up from me.

Deyga Aloevera Gel

Product Details: A natural skincare massage gel that cleanses and hydrates your skin giving it a natural radiance.

Ingredients: Cold pressed Aloevera extract

Directions for use: Massage your face with aloevera gel and wash off after 30 minutes or apply a thin layer over the skin and leave overnight.

My experience:

  • Deyga aloevera gel comes in a sturdy tub with a secure lid. It is a transparent gel with a mild fragrance.
  • As with the sun screen, the product packaging is simple and good with a recyclable jar.
  • Even with a small quantity, I was able to massage my face well with it. It has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • It absorbs quickly and makes the skin feel fresh and supple.
  • I advised my son to use this gel for teenage acne and it proved quite helpful.

This aloevera gel has become a part of my skincare routine. I prefer leaving it on at night for better results. Since it is needed in small quantities, one tub will last long too.

Deyga products are Indian-made and tick all the right boxes. It is fast becoming my preferred natural skincare brand and I’m curious to explore other items from their website. Do give these a try or share your experience with me if you have already.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Natural Skincare with Deyga Summer Hydration Combo

  1. My sister has also used Deyga products and she was happy with the results. Deyga surely is coming up as a strong brand in Organic skin care products.

  2. yes deyga is great brand. my family has also used their products and had a good experience with it, this summer hydration combo looking really amazing. thanks dear for sharing your honest experience.

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