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From pregnancy to being a #YummyMummy :-)

‘How many kids do you have?’ was the gynaecologist’s first question when she observed the anxiety with which I had welcomed my pregnancy news. Although it was my first baby and I was super excited about it, I had nervous jitters merely thinking about what lay ahead of me till the time I will actually hold my bundle of joy in my arms.

I have two kids, and interestingly, both times my pregnancy was as different as chalk and cheese. While there was advice pouring in from everywhere about what I must eat, how I must sleep or which exercises I must do, nobody seemed to understand or pay heed to the emotional roller-coaster I was going through every single day, apart from my darling husband A.

I might be the one carrying the baby but as an expectant spirited father he literally pampered me silly. He would read articles and watch shows to know what was best for us. Whenever he was home, he would tiptoe around me and cater to all my whims and fancies endlessly. He would call from work to ask if the baby started kicking, in the first trimester! No matter how plump or bloated I got he was always full of compliments for me.

Pregnancy is a stage not a disease, and I intended to enjoy this experience without any inhibitions. Being a mother was my dream, but knowing that it would change my life forever sometimes bewildered me about how different it would be. The apprehensions varied but didn’t change entirely. Both times I was plagued with the same questions any expectant mother would.

What will happen to my body once I deliver? Will people bother about me or just the baby after it arrives? Will I look ugly? Will I be able to shed this pregnancy weight quickly? Will there be any permanent change or damage to my skin?

There wasn’t much I could do to address the other questions, but as a respite, the last one did have an answer. With the bulging tummy, cracking and aging of skin and an itchy belly is a practical and recurring problem, unless you act proactively and use a product like Marico Bio Oil that helps you avoid stretch marks completely and retain that luscious pregnant glow! 🙂

Looking back at that time makes me feel nostalgic. Thankfully, both my pregnancies were smooth and uneventful and the deliveries were normal. I didn’t have to wait too long to hit the gym and graduate from wife to the #YummyMummy brigade. I’ve never felt better about myself and am finally comfortable in my own skin. It takes two adorable and gorgeous kids to make you feel like this about yourself, I guess. 🙂

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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8 thoughts on “From pregnancy to being a #YummyMummy :-)

  1. Pregnancy and motherhood does bring about a major change to your life, and you make it sound quite enjoyable. You seem to have a very loving and supportive hubby at that 🙂 .

    1. It is enjoyable if you don’t try and find excuses to see the doc or pretend as if it is something extraordinary. The simplest thing is that a positive attitude of the mother is just as good for the baby.

      Thanks for your comment Dashy. Good to have you here. 🙂

  2. Having one’s life totally in control, nothing else can surpass the contentment this gives. Your nostalgic journey from pregnancy to becoming a Yummy Mummy gives me a peek into your life. I explored a couple of your old posts today from your early days and it is amazing to know you have been blogging for a long time now. I am all up to join you with your parenting journey.
    Thank you for reaching out to me 🙂

    1. How sweet of you to actually go back and read my posts! Yes I’ve beeb blogging for a long time. It started just as a writing hobby but I fell in love with it pretty soon. 🙂

      I believe I was meant to be a mother, what with my affinity for kids and my intolerance towards indiscipline! 😛

      I’ll love to explore this parenting path with you. Your posts are very interesting indeed. Lovely seeing you here Anamika. 🙂

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